Universal Precleaner Mounting Kits Bring the Air Intake ABOVE the Hood!


Dateline — March 5, 2010
Sy-Klone International, the manufacturer of advanced atmospheric ejective precleaner systems, has created a mounting kit for bringing air intake above the hood. In response to years of complaints from excavator and skid steer owners about short filter life and batteries being ruined by dump valves, Sy-Klone has developed a truly universal mounting kit that allow the intake system to be put above the hood, taking advantage of cleaner, cooler air and allowing for the dump valve to be permanently capped off. This also enables the installation of an air precleaner, such as our Series 9000, on machines where this was never possible before.

Our customers are pretty excited about it:

“This is one of the most innovative kits I have ever seen, Sy-Klone thought of everything in putting this kit together, I even like the DVP Caps, so much easier to work with!”
— T.J. – Komatsu Mechanic – Florida, USA

“We have been complaining to our engineering department for years about the dump valves constantly dropping dirt onto our batteries. When I voiced this concern to the Sy-Klone guy I had no idea that they would actually solve the problem. I am in shock.”
— Engineer at major equipment manufacturer

“Wow, you guys nailed this one. The installation instructions are amazing and the technical support including the installation slideshow on your website have made this a no-brainer.”
— A.Z. – Ag Machine Mechanic – California, USA

“Skid steers are the worst for filter life; I have been beat-up for years because of the skid steer intake being in the engine compartment. I am no mechanic and yet even I was able to install the precleaner above the hood on a skid steer, with this kit. I did not think that it could be done, they proved me wrong. My customer is ecstatic!”
— Z.T. – Parts Sales and Service Representative -Midwest, USA

Made for 3-inch (76.2 mm), 4-inch (102.38mm), 5-inch (127.29mm), 6-inch (153.74 mm) and 8-inch (204.77 mm) filter housing inlet sizes, this kit provides all of the parts necessary to move the air inlet to a flat surface on the outside of the machine.  To learn more about the available kits for The Series 9000, click here.

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