The Series 9000 Solution For Your Snow Problem!

This video was taken during -22°F snowy weather. Note that during the Winter snow season we recommend dropping the prescreen down the pipe to allow the snow to process through the precleaner and avoid build-up on the prescreen (reattaching the prescreen in the Spring).

We are feeding handfuls of snow directly into the Series 9000 Precleaner, which is expelling it without any problems in -22°F temperatures. The Series 9000 is the only precleaner on the market today which is designed to handle wet as well as dry debris, including snow, mud and rain.

The principal reason for taking snow out of the air stream prior to it reaching the air filter housing or paper air filter is that, ultimately, snow is frozen water.

  1. The warmth of the engine raises the temperature in the air filter canister above freezing.
  2. The snow that has entered the filter housing melts and wets the air filter.
  3. When the temperature in the air filter canister drops below freezing, the wet air filter media freezes
  4. The frozen water molecules expand and cut off air flow through the filter
  5. The engine is starved of air due to ice blocked filter and may ultimately stop running.
  6. At this point, the operator would need to remove the frozen filter and insert a dry filter, possibly while in conditions hazardous to the operator’s safety.

Snow comes in many different forms and quantities. Humidity plays a big part in the way snow reacts when it travels through the air. High humidity produces wet snow which has more mass than dry, powdered snow. Heavier wet snow takes more energy to separate from the air stream. Dryer snow requires less energy to remove from the air stream because it has less mass.

Contact a Sy-Klone Dealer to help keep your filters dry and your engine running smoothly this winter!

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