Snow Part 10: Summary – Series 9000 is best for snow

The Series 9000 is the only real-world choice for SNOW.

Integrated Prescreens can quickly blind-over with accumulated snow. The removable prescreen on the Series 9000 prevents this.

Stratification of debris field:
The ability of the Series 9000 to stratify the snow within the precleaner allows it to optimize the full length of the ejection slot for ejection of snow. This gives the precleaner the ability to process large amounts of snow without clogging or bogging down. No other precleaner does this. This is a patented process and design of the Sy-Klone Series 9000.

Operating efficiency:
Ingenious compression technology incorporated into the precleaner’s dome recaptures lost energy and maintains rotor speed and efficiency when ejecting large quantities of snow, ice, or rain. No other precleaner does this. This is a patented process and design of the SY-Klone Series 9000

Sealed Bearings & Arctic Package:
Our patented sealed bearing cavity with sealed bearings in a 20% grease compaction means that the Series 9000 can operate down to -40°F. No other precleaner can do this.Bearing failure is a major cause of rotor failure in precleaners. Sub-zero temperatures combine with dirt on bearings to freeze the bearings and prevent the rotor from spinning. The Series 9000 is the only precleaner in the world today that has a sealed protected bearing cavity and a 0.04% claim rate against our warranty. Our bearings don’t fail.

Ingestive precleaners: 
By design, ingestive precleaners are not effective at removing water from the air stream. The safest way to protect the operator is to prevent as much snow as possible from entering the filter housing in the first place. Mechanical processes are finicky under the best operating conditions. In extremely cold weather mechanical processes can break down, requiring more maintenance. Relying upon precleaning processes that were never to designed to work in snowy conditions is imprudent at best and foolish at worst.

Unlike any of its competitors on the market today, the Series 9000 precleaner is DESIGNED to handle snow, sleet, rain in addition to regular dry debris.


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