Table 1 Compliance Issues? Sy-Klone Can Help!

The OSHA Silica Rule is no joke and companies are being fined.  Sy-Klone is here to help you with engineering controls that make compliance to Table 1 much easier.

In the OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard, TABLE 1 Requires:

  • Be well-sealed and well-ventilated, using positive pressure
  • Have door jambs, window grooves, power line entries and other joints that work properly and are tightly sealed
  • Have heating and air conditioning so that operators can keep windows and      doors closed
  • Use an intake air filter with a minimum MERV 16 rating (at least 95 percent efficient in the 0.3-10.0 µm range)
  • Be kept free from settled dust by regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent dust from becoming airborne inside the enclosure

The points below illustrate specific requirements of Table 1 (as listed above) and how Sy-Klone’s RESPA® Cab Filtration Systems can help you achieve compliance.


  • The RESPA-CF2 positively pressurizes with a clean airflow delivery into the cab. The RESPA-CF2 also offers air precleaning and high-efficiency, self-cleaning filtration.
  • Minimizing air leakage through door jams, grooves, and other entry points mean that the RESPA-CF2 has better ability to provide enough fresh air to achieve and maintain cabin pressure throughout the maintenance cycle.
  • Sy-Klone’s high-efficiency filtration keeps dust out of the HVAC system, keeping heating and evaporator coils cleaner, leading to a better functioning HVAC heating/cooling performance.
  • Standard MERV 16 filtration removes 95% particulate 0.3-10µ particulate size range. Sy-Klone also offers HEPA/H13 filtration efficiency, as well.
  • Recirculation filtration also a valuable component for removing dust that does enter the cab. Click here to learn more about Sy-Klone’s RESPA recirculation products.

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