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We are on a Mission!
Sy-Klone International has been on a mission since 1986 to become the technological world leader in atmospheric ejective air precleaning. Our research and development efforts are second to none. Since 1986 Sy-Klone International has earned 43 patents and two patents pending in air precleaning technology. We are advancing in a field that has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Air precleaners of the future will be built with Sy-Klone’s technologies.

Sy-Klone is breaking new ground in the science of particle separation. Our technologies complement the engines of tomorrow, Tier 4 and beyond. We were the first to develop a Diesel Particulate Cab filtration system that was endorsed by NIOSH. We own the patents on powered air precleaning and lead the world in cab air filtration and pressurization.

We deliver on our promises
Sy-Klone's self-cleaning products are routine maintenance-free. Instead of adding maintenance, they reduce maintenance, filter costs, and increase uptime. See how an investment in Sy-Klone's advanced precleaning technology can make a difference to your bottom line - just enter your current usage info into one of our online savings calculators.

We are very proud of the fact that claims against our limited lifetime warranty are negligible, practically non-existent. Our products are rugged and built to last.

We are committed to quality and customer service
What really makes Sy-Klone unique is its corporate commitment to Customer Service and the highest quality products. We committed a long time ago to becoming an ISO 9000:2008 registered company a committment that today is taking us to ISO 14001 and TS 16949. As a supplier to the largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world, we understand what quality means in product, customer service, delivery and warranty.

Whether you are an international original equipment manufacturer, distributor, or end user you will benefit from our products which are proudly brought to the world by our world class sales and marketing team.

Sy-Klone offers “Technology for Tomorrow” from a company you can trust.

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