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RESPA Complete Cab Air Quality Systems

Why use a Sy-Klone RESPA Air Quality System?

  • Meets engineering controls criteria specified by new OSHA Silica Rules, including precleaning, MERV16 filtration, positive pressurization and settled dust removal.
  • Protect Operator health
  • Increase Operator comfort and productivity
  • Decrease operational cost
  • Endorsed by ISEEE as a Best Practice Component

Sy-Klone's patented Air Quality products are economical and cost effective at providing clean air to your HVAC system. Reduce operator exposure to harmful particulate, dramatically extend filter life, lengthen the life of your HVAC system and cab electronics with our powerful and unique products. Sy-Klone's Cab Air Quality products have been proven in Mining, Waste, Forestry, and Agriculture, and are available as a first-fit option from many original equipment manufacturers.

See our RESPA News & Case Studies for more information. We have assisted countless companies with reducing exposure to well below regulatory limits in the most challenging environments around the world.



1.) FRESH AIR Component:
BEGIN with the RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW® OR RESPA-CF2

Option 1:
RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW®

A Powered Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer in one compact, CUSTOMIZABLE unit!
This fresh air system dramatically extends filter life and reduces the frequency of costly HVAC repairs by delivering more than 100 CFM of precleaned and filtered (MERV 16) fresh air to the HVAC system. The customizable design lets you assemble a product completely configured to YOUR application. Outlet orientation and inlet type are chosen at assembly, and the ejection port orientation is field-adjustable to any angle. Includes electronic Pressure Monitor System.

RadialSHIELD™ Filter Options: MERV16, HEPA, and Odor/HEPA (with installation of Odor Filter Retrofit Kit)

Fresh Air Systems product listing

Option 2:

Our newest design has all the benefits of the RESPA-CF with additional options. Outlet orientation is set at installation and is field-adjustable, with 4x more rotation settings. Accepts new Odor/HEPA filter without need of retrofit kit. Gas/HEPA ABEK1 P3 filter (extended length only) is a RESPA-CF2 exclusive. Pressure Monitor sold separately.

RadialSHIELD™ Filter Options: MERV16, HEPA, Odor/HEPA, and Gas/HEPA (extended length only)

Fresh Air Systems product listing

OPTIMIZE Cab Air Quality System with RESPA®-FFX2 or RESPA®-CFX
Add a customizable recirculation filtration unit to protect cab electronics, increase operator protection, and reduce harmful particulate buildup on your expensive HVAC evaporator coils!

Option 1:
RESPA-FFX2 Non-Powered Recirculation Filtration

  • Recommended for situations where you can plumb directly into the HVAC mixing plenum.
  • Provides Settled Dust Removal as mandated by new OSHA Silica rule.
  • Low cost, versatile filter housing combines the need for high efficiency cab filtration and easy application.
  • Designed for in-cab installations and through the wall installations which allow for filters to be serviced from outside of cab.
  • Can be installed in multiple unit configuration for higher volume airflows.
  • High-efficiency MERV16 and HEPA Filtration Options.

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Option 2:
RESPA-CFX Powered Recirculation Filtration

  • Powered unit is recommended for situations where you cannot plumb directly into HVAC mixing plenum.
  • Provides Settled Dust Removal as mandated by new OSHA Silica rule.
  • Can be installed in multiple unit configuration for higher volume airflows.
  • High-efficiency MERV16 and HEPA Filtration Options.

Recirculated Air Systems product listing


Always know when your cab is positively pressurized, as required by the new OSHA Silica Regulations.
Electronic Pressure Monitor System

ADD INTELLIGENCE with the Electronic Pressure Monitor System

This easy to install unit gives you real-time information on cab pressure, when to change filters in your RESPA system, can be connected to remote telemetry systems, and is approved by most regulatory agencies!
This is an essential part of the complete RESPA Cab Air Quality System. The installer can customize the unit to display pressure in inches of water column or Pascal, the pressure level at which the unit alerts, and the volume of the audible alarm. Included with most RESPA-CF Fresh Air systems and also available separately as KT-CABPRES-EL1-ENG.

View Pressure Monitor product information

Breathe Easier with our High-Tech RadialSHIELD Filtration Options:

Extend the Revolution!
For extreme conditions and longer filter life, you can extend the standard length filter housing to use longer filters in any of our systems.

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>>See how our filters are rated
Our cost-effective MERV 16 (F9) filters use high tech filter media that releases dirt, which is then ejected from the RESPA-CF model. See it in action here.

For fresh air systems, RESPA-CF and RESPA-CF2. Requires retrofit kit to work with RESPA-CF.
For fresh air RESPA-CF2 extended length systems only.

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Generic & Custom Installation Options

Generic options to fit most situations!

Generic installation kits are available, and we also offer a wide range of adaptation parts.

View Installation & Adaptation product listing



Custom kits offer custom engineered solutions for specific machines!

View Machine-Specific Kits product listing

Recognized in Industry

RESPA Cab Air Quality Systems are endorsed by ISEEE as a Best Practice Component.

RESPA Air Quality Systems are endorsed by the International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers as a BEST PRACTICE COMPONENT.

Read more about ISEEE:

RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW won the GOLD Award at the 2014 French FOIRE DE CHÄLONS event!
The Gold Award was for innovations in safety for the agricultural and forestry industries.

Read more about the award


RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW was awarded the
Agricultural Engineering Top 50 Products of 2012
by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

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