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RESPA & Gideon News & Case Studies

OSHA Fines and Silica Litigation: A Three-step Preventative Solution from Sy-Klone International
Employers who fail to protect their workers from Silica will be vulnerable to OSHA fines and possible civil litigation. Meet PELs with RESPA for cabs and enclosures.

RESPA-CF Vortex HyperFLOW Awarded the Agricultural Engineering Top 50 Innovative Products of 2012

RESPA-CF Vortex HyperFLOW Featured in March-April 2012 issue of ASABE RESOURCE Magazine

Volvo A35D Articulated Dump Truck with RESPA: No HVAC maintenance in 6 years of Landfill Operation!

Announcing RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW™, our REVOLUTIONARY new family of Cab Air Quality Products

Video: Operator Testimonial on RESPA-SDX Performance on Surface Drilling Cab
Surface Drilling machines operate in one of the dirtiest environments in the world. After 6 months and over 500 hours of run time the operator gives his impression of his RESPA-SDX equipped cab. This powerful testimony will surprise you.

The Case for RESPA-SD

2011 MACS Convention: Sy-Klone Presented on the Future of Environmental Cabs
Watch the multi media presentation of the speech or download a fully illustrated version in .pdf format.

Good News for Miners: Australian Field Study of the RESPA-SD/SDX system shows IT WORKS!
"The data collected in this study indicates that the RESPA-SD and Sy-Klone’s filter will reduce exposures to RCS, and should be fitted to all air conditioned mobile plant and crusher control cabins used in the quarrying industry.”

MSHA Enforcement: RESPA saves Underground Silica Mine Thousands in MSHA FINES
Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) exposure reduced below Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)

The Secret to Getting BELOW the Permissible Exposure Limit for RCS or DPM

MSHA Enforcement: Underground Mine Manager Brings Excavator Cab into Compliance with RESPA
Mine Manager achieves greater than 400% reduction in DPM Exposure

  Coal Stockpile Management Company fights back with Sy-Klone engineered RESPA Cab Air Quality System

New Komatsu Kits Engineered by Sy-Klone
Custom RESPA & OPTIMAX Kits: Komatsu North America releases Advanced Technology Waste and Recycling package on Medium Excavator line

Video & Case Study: RESPA-SD Installation in Australian Cement Clinker Factory
Clouds of cement dust would cause the HVAC system to fail due to clogged filters after no more than two hours. After RESPA, they are up to 300 hours and counting, and the filter still looks good!

Sy-Klone's R&D on improving Cab Air Quality featured in May 2009 Rock Products Magazine
Joint NIOSH/Sy-Klone study proves that uni-directional filtration/pressurization system helps to protect equipment operators from exposure to harmful respirable dust.

RESPA-SD & SDX Complete Kits: Healthy Air conditioners, Happy Operators!

About Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), How it Kills, and How to Control It
Respirable Silica is a common airborne contaminant that impacts construction workers, miners, rock drillers, sandblasters, and more. RESPA-SD and RESPA-SDX are effective at reducing RCS in enclosed cabs.

Case 2188 Combine gets relief from overwhelming heat and "dust storms" of dirt in cab
Air which was supposed to enter the cab through the ROPS was competely blocked by dirt above a clogged tube body precleaner, so no air reached the filter and the fan motor burnt out. RESPA-SD was the solution.

Video: RESPA-SD Installation on CASE 7250 Tractor
This step-by-step video shows how simple it was to install RESPA-SD on this tractor. A small effort has resulted in tremendous relief and increased comfort for the tractor operator.

Is the enclosed cabin on your Farm tractor making you sick?

Gideon Technology Case Study: Landfill 836

Sy-Klone introduces Diesel Particulate Matter Cab Air Solution at MinEXPO 2008

Testimonials: Respa/Gideon Technology

Toxic debris at demolition sites present serious health threat to machine operators

City Upgrades its Mower Cab to Enhance Operator's Safety and Comfort
RESPA-SD improves air quality for even the smallest cabs, as shown on this installation on a steep slope mower, the Aebi TT-80.

Fire Dozers: Keeping Air Clean & Cool in the Heat of Action
Cab air quality is a major issue for Fire Dozers, which clear fire breaks in forest fires situations, and Respa-SD is a great solution.

Sy-Klone's Respa & Gideon Technology featured in Off-Highway Magazine

Press Release: Announcing RESPA-SD

RESPA Units Offer a Variety of Mounting Options

Waste Industry Specifications Now Include RESPA-SD for New and Retrofit Machines

Komatsu SMART-Approved RESPA-SDX installation on WA 320 PZ Wheel Loader in Cement Plant

RESPA solves Dust Issues on CAT Dozers- Increased Operator Health + Millions in savings

RESPA-SD installed on Crew SUV in Open Pit Mine

HEPA-Rated RESPA-SD "Eats" Smoke!
And MORE than smoke - all kinds of fine particulate down to 0.3 microns, including aerosol contaminants such as ag sprays, clinker dust, paint, RCS, coal dust, DPM and more.

Sy-Klone's Powered Precleaning Technology Receives Coveted Patent in Brazil
Sy-Klone's international expansion continues, as we now own the patents on powered precleaning in all major markets.

Video: RESPA-SD in European Indoor Recycling Facility: Dutch Operator’s compelling testimony

New ASABE Standard on Agricultural Tractor Cab HVAC Design
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has approved a new standard which provides methods to determine and control the air quality within agricultural cab enclosures.

NIOSH Presentation: Health effects of overexposure to respirable silica dust

NIOSH long term study of RESPA Cab Air Qualtity System with Pressurization in underground mining

NIOSH publishes comprehensive Dust Control Handbook
A practical guide with methods developed after years of research to control dust in human work environments. The research and methods should be widely adopted in all dusty human work environments.

  NIOSH Reports on The Effectiveness of Several Enclosed Cab Filters and Systems for Reducing DPM

Special RESPA-CF Installation Kit and Instructions for CASE IH Harvesters
Custom kit for Case IH 2166, 2188, 2388, 2588 and similar cabs makes it easy to convert your cab from a storm of dust to a pleasant working environment!

Case Study: RESPA-CF and CFX on Quebec Crusher Cab

Announcing RESPA-SD2

RESPA-CF Wins French Gold Award for innovations in Safety at the FOIRE DE CHÄLONS show.

Case Study: RESPA-CF and CFX on Hitachi Mining Shovels EX3600 in Open Pit Coal Mine

Case Study: RESPA-CF and CFX Installation on D11R in Coal Mine

RESPA is Solution to New OSHA Silica Rule requiring Cab Filtration, Pressurization and Settled Dust

Video: RESPA-CF Amazing Self-Cleaning Filter Housing on D11R in Coal Mine
Respa Online Savings Calculator
RESPA-CF Vortex HyperFLOW Air Quality Systems
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HOW Vortex HyperFLOW Works
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