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Series 9000 News & Case Studies

Video: Oshkosh Defense shows new JLTV equipped with Series 9000 Precleaners

Case Study: Series 9000 Under-the-Hood Installation on Kenworth T-800 Truck
Series 9000 under-the-hood installation provides dramatic filter life extension and increased uptime on truck operating in quarry and on dirt roads.

Universal Precleaner Mounting Kits Bring the Air Intake ABOVE the Hood!

Series 9000 Case Study: Readymix Concrete Plant

Series 9000 Case Study: Waste Truck

Series 9000 Case Study: Quarry Mining Rock Truck

Press Release: Announcing the Series 9000 5-inch Precleaner - Model 9005

Testimonials: Series 9000

Comparison of Alternative Precleaner Technologies

Video: Series 9000 in Heavy Snow
Watch as we feed handfuls of snow directly into the Series 9000 during -22°F winter weather. Sy-Klone makes the ONLY precleaners on the market today that are designed to work as well on WET debris like snow, mud, and sleet as they work on dry debris.

Snow Part 01: The Problem with Precleaners in the Snow
This series examines ejective and ingestive precleaner technologies and how they perform in Snow. The Series 9000 is the only precleaner that was designed for snow, mud, sleet, and rain in addition to dry debris.

Hummer Owner adds Series 9000 prior to 1,500 km of Australian Outback Dirt!
This Hummer is ready for anything with the Series 9000 mounted atop a Safari Snorkel.

Series 9000 Performs Flawlessly through 1,500 km (932 miles) of Australian Outback Dirt
Wayne said "The Series 9000 Precleaner seems to have increased my engine performance, fuel efficiency and the biggest thing is- have a look at my filter- it is nearly as clean as it went in before the trip!"

Dave's Series 9000 Installation on his H3 Alpha V8 will improve his Excellent Adventures!

Russian Installation in Underground Mine: Series 9000 Extends Filter Life from 80 to 350 Hours

Series 9000 Case Study: IN0077 Kit Replaces Tube Bodies, Filter Life Extended to 3000 hours