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Video: XLR Powered Precleaner protecting engines in EXTREME Envirmonments

Video: Oshkosh Defense shows new JLTV equipped with Series 9000 Precleaners

Video: Operator Testimonial on RESPA-SDX Performance on Surface Drilling Cab
Surface Drilling machines operate in one of the dirtiest environments in the world. After 6 months and over 500 hours of run time the operator gives his impression of his RESPA-SDX equipped cab. This powerful testimony will surprise you.

Video: RESPA-SD in European Indoor Recycling Facility: Dutch Operator’s compelling testimony

Video: HEPA rated RESPA-SD "Eats" Smoke!
DOES the RESPA® Cab Air Quality System work on SMOKE? See for yourself! Smoke is very fine suspended particulate, not a gaseous vapor, so RESPA's Gideon® particle separation technology is effective.

Video: RESPA-CF Amazing Self-Cleaning Filter Housing on D11R in Coal Mine

Video: Why Install RESPA?
See why Charlie is happy and Peter is NOT in this fun animated video which demonstrates the benefits of RESPA Cab Air Quality Systems.

Video: Changing the Filter in the RESPA-SD

Video: Side-by-Side Harvester Field Test - OPTIMAX-AG vs. Rotary Screen with Tube Body Precleaner
Two CASE Harvesters running side-by-side in the same field at the same time, eating each other's dust. . . see how they compare!

Video & Case Study: RESPA-SD Installation in Australian Cement Clinker Factory
Clouds of cement dust would cause the HVAC system to fail due to clogged filters after no more than two hours. After RESPA, they are up to 300 hours and counting, and the filter still looks good!

Video: Series 9000 in Heavy Snow
Watch as we feed handfuls of snow directly into the Series 9000 during -22°F winter weather. Sy-Klone makes the ONLY precleaners on the market today that are designed to work as well on WET debris like snow, mud, and sleet as they work on dry debris.

Video: RESPA-SD Installation on CASE 7250 Tractor
This step-by-step video shows how simple it was to install RESPA-SD on this tractor. A small effort has resulted in tremendous relief and increased comfort for the tractor operator.

Legacy Product: Video - RESPA-SD Product Demonstration
Learn about how a RESPA unit works, integrating a powered precleaner using Gideon Technology for particle separation with superior air filtration options.

Video: Series 9000 Product Demonstration
Watch as we introduce handfuls of debris directly into the precleaner. Most precleaners can't handle mixed debris with coarse AND super-fine particles that the Series 9000 ejects with ease.

Video: Gideon Powered Precleaner Demo
Our patented particle separation technology ejects debris before it hits your HVAC filter. Because the precleaner is powered, it does not add any resistance and even helps to pressurize the cab.

Video: Gideon Technology Powered HVAC Fresh Air Filtration System for Managers

Video: Gideon Technology Powered HVAC Fresh Air Filtration System for Operators & Maintenance Provid
How to do preventative maintenance and service checks on Gideon Technology Powered HVAC Fresh Air Filtration System.

Video: OPTIMAX for Operators & Maintenance Providers
How to do preventative maintenance and service checks on OPTIMAX.

Video: OPTIMAX for Managers

Nederlands Video: vergelijkingstest - roterend filter vs.OPTIMAX-AG

Portuguese Video: Tela Rotativa e Pre Purifacador por Tubos Ciclonizadores contra OPTIMAX-AG

Video: Biomo rotativo y prelimpiador con cuerpo cilíndrico contra OPTIMAX-AG

Russian Video: Русский OPTIMAX-AG

Video: How to Assemble a RESPA REVOLUTION System

Video: What is the REVOLUTION?

Video: Why a Pressure Monitor is an Essential Component of Cab Air Quality System

Video: The Importance of Cab Air Quality Systems

Video: The RESPA REVOLUTION is Coming

Video: The Problem with Filter Boxes
After passing through 3 filter panels, the bottom of the box is covered in particulate matter. How much finer, harmful particulate is going into the operator cab?

Video: RESPA-CF Cab Air Quality System: What it is and how it works, Part 2

Video: RESPA-CF - What it is and how it works - Part 1

Video en Español: RESPA-CF - Véalo en acción

Video en Español: RESPA-CF - Qué es y cómo funciona


OPTIMAX Installation Process - Sy-Klone Dual-Stage Precleaner