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Sy-Klone Earns ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

JACKSONVILLE, FL, June 2014 Ś Sy-Klone international is pleased to announce that it has been certified under the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Sy-Klone's commitment to protecting the environment and being a conscientious corporate citizen lead to the fulfillment of the ISO 14001 requirements which cover all aspects of the business which impact the environment.

Sy-Klone engaged in an extensive recycling program, reduction in the use of environmentally harmful products and the outright elimination of some, combined with rethinking the manufacturing process all to get in alignment with the stringent requirements of ISO 14001. "We join with our customers and suppliers in moving our company to a higher level of environmental awareness. We are pleased to promote not only our companies certification under ISO 14001, but also the goals of this standard" said Sy-Klone President and CEO, James Moredock.

This high level commitment to be environmentally responsible is not only a good thing but has become a necessity in the modern world of international manufacturing. "Our customers have put a significant emphasis on achieving this certification. As a supplier to many international OEM's we agree that everyone in the supply chain needs to make a commitment to reduce their environmental impact. Sy-Klone has made the commitment required under the ISO 14001 Certification" said James Moredock.