RESPA PFX Standalone In-Cab Purification System

RESPA PFX Standalone In-Cab Purification System

Code: PFX

Product Description

The RESPA PFX is a compact filtration unit that features a high-efficiency HEPA ISO 35 H filter, combined with a blower motor, to quickly recirculate air and drive down particulate levels inside of a cab. The in-cab air purification system does not have to be plumbed into machine’s air conditioning system. High-efficiency RadialSHIELD HEPA filtration meets ISO 23875 engineering controls requirement, and the system recirculates cab air quickly, meeting ISO 23875 decay-rate requirement. Base mount and flange mount options available in 12-volt and 24-volt systems.

Use with stepdown converter for optimal performance and reduced noise level:
PFX0901 - Converts from 12V machine voltage to 6V
PFX0902 - Converts from 24V machine voltage to 12V

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