NEW! RESPA Advisor+ 2.0 Pressure, Dust, and CO2 Monitor, meets ISO 23875 requirements

NEW! RESPA Advisor+ 2.0 Pressure, Dust, and CO2 Monitor, meets ISO 23875 requirements

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See the unseen threats that can put your operator at risk:

Low Pressure
When HVAC performance is degraded by dirt in the system, cab pressure commonly falls below ambient pressure and harmful particulate is drawn into the cab.
Long-term exposure to harmful respirable particulate such as silica, asbestos, and coal dust can cause irreversible, incurable diseases such as silicosis, mesothelioma, and more.
Elevated CO2 Levels
As the operator exhales in a small, enclosed space, carbon dioxide levels can rise quickly, especially with HVAC in recirculation mode. High levels can lead to accidents from fatigue, drowsiness and sudden sleep.

Control these threats with a 3-part RESPA Cab Air Quality System:

  • RESPA CF2 Fresh air precleaner/filter/pressurizer
  • RESPA Pure, PFX, or CFX2 High-efficiency recirculation filtration
  • RESPA Advisor+ Pressure, Dust, and CO2 monitor
    • ISO 23875-Compliant
      Meets ISO 23875 performance requirement for real-time operator cab monitoring, including stringent CO2 sensor specifications.
    • Cab Pressurization
      The monitor reports cab pressurization levels in real-time to support a controlled air-quality environment.
    • Advanced CO2 Monitor
      Not all CO2 sensors are created equal. The RESPA Advisor+ includes a nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR), as specified in ISO 23875, to provide real-time CO2 data to alert operators when unsafe air quality conditions exist.
    • Dust Indicator
      Alerts operator to excessive dust levels in the cab.
    • Interactive LCD Display
      Full-color, interactive, LCD touchscreen is easy to use and quick to learn, making it seamless to integrate into the job site.
    • Audible and Visual Alarms
      Built-in alarms alert the operator when pressure, dust, or CO2 levels go outside of the allowable threshold.
    • At-a-Glance Dashboard
      View pressure, CO2, dust levels, filter information, and other settings in a numerical rather than analog display.
    • Filter-Life Tracking
      Take the guess work out of filter life, with manual filter tracking to ensure optimal filter life and performance.
    • Downloadable Data
      Gain insights into the operator cab environment with data logging at an interval you specify. Download the data via USB for analysis.
    • CAN Output
      SAE J1939 CAN output available for telemetry systems. Contact Sy-Klone for details.
    • Customizable Settings
      Admin settings can be configured to suit your needs. Metric and imperial pressure units, high and low pressure thresholds, dust threshold, CO2 limits, alarm behavior, data sampling intervals for logging, and more.
    • Designed for Cab Environment
      The small size and dark color scheme blends into any operator cab environment, while the matte surface texture eliminates fingerprints and glare, a potential visual safety concern.
    • Ready for Jobsites Worldwide
      Symbol-based interface for ease of use for all users, regardless of native language, with metric and imperial units of measure.

    RESPA Advisor+ 2.0 Specifications

    • Voltage: 12-24 VDC
      • Under-voltage protection @ 10 VDC
      • Over-voltage protection @ 36 VDC
      • Reverse-polarity protection
    • Current Consumption: ~1 mA
    • Operating Temperature Rating: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
    • Storage Temperature Rating: -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F)
    • Operating Pressure Range:
      • 0 to 500 Pascal (Pa)
      • 0 to 2 Inches-H2O
    • Operating CO2 Range: 0 to 2500 ppm
    • Pressure Display Resolution: 1 Pa (0.01 Inches-H2O)
    • Weights and Dimensions:
      • Monitor: 238g (8.4oz)
        164.9 x 75.3 x 54.6 mm
        6.49 x 2.96 x 2.15 inches
      • Control Module: 674g (23.8oz)
        203.2 x 139.7 x 70.5 mm
        8 x 5.5 x 2.78 inches
    • Pressure Port Tubing: black tube 3.2mm x 244cm (1/8 in x 8 ft)
    • Connectors: Deutsch


    NEW! RESPA Advisor® + 2.0
    CO2 + Dust + Pressure Monitor

    Letter-size 2-page brochure


    RESPA Advisor+ 2.0 Installation & Operation Manual [PDF]


    RESPA Advisor+ Documentation and Support page
    Includes firmware update information.