RESPA Pure - Standalone In-Cab Recirculation Filtration

RESPA Pure - Standalone In-Cab Recirculation Filtration

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Product Description


RESPA Pure is a standalone, high-efficiency, HEPA recirculation system. Because Pure is not plumbed into the HVAC, it does not strain the HVAC system due to restrictive, after-market HEPA solutions. The compact unit can be wall or floor mounted, and works in any small enclosed space to filter the air. Filters are easy to replace, and vent louvers allow the operator to direct the air for optimal comfort.

RESPA Pure will assist with ISO 23875 compliance, as it will accelerate the decay rate (how quickly particulate is removed from the air). When installed with RESPA CF2 for fresh-air precleaning and filtration, and RESPA-Advisor+ or RESPA Advisor+ 2.0, you will have a complete cab air quality system that complies with ISO 23875.

Part Numbers:

  • RPUR002 12-Volt System with HEPA Filter
  • RPUR004 24-Volt System with HEPA Filter
  • RPUR091 Replacement HEPA Filter Element

Benfits and Features

Easy-to-install standalone system
no airflow plumbing required.

High-efficiency HEPA filtration
Filter has been independently third-party tested to meet stringent HEPA classification at 99.98% efficient @ 0.3 micrometers.

No strain on the HVAC system
Because the unit operates independently, the high-efficiency filtration does not strain or restrict the HVAC system, as many aftermarket HEPA recirculation panel filters do.

Variable fan speed and user-adjustable airflow
The operator can adjust fan speed and airflow direction for optimal comfort.

Easy-to-change filter element
Simply squeeze the latch tabs inward to unclip and lift off the filter, then squeeze the latch tabs inward and seat the new filter, then release the tabs. Done!

RESPA Pure Specifications

  • Voltage and Current Consumption:
    • 12 VDC
      • Min fan speed 1.67amp draw
      • Max fan speed 7.1 amp draw
    • 24 VDC
      • Min fan speed 0.85 amp draw
      • Max fan speed 6.8 amp draw
  • Filter Efficiency:
    • HEPA 99.98% @ 0.3 ╬╝m
  • Airflow Range:
    • 12 VDC
      • Min fan speed 0.85 m3/min (30 CFM)
      • Max fan speed 2.55 m3/min (90 CFM)
    • 24 VDC
      • Min fan speed 0.85 m3/min (30 CFM)
      • Max fan speed 3.96 m3/min (140 CFM)
  • Decibel Rating:
    • Min fan speed 50 dB
    • Max fan speed 70 dB
  • Dimensions:
    • Inches: 16.61 W x 10.46 H x 9.03 D
    • Millimeters: 421.8 W x 265.7 H x 229.4 D
  • Weight:
    • 5.734 kg (12.642 lbs)
  • Connector:
    • Deutsch DT series