Sy-Klone® Introduces the RESPA®-CF2

        Jacksonville, FL—February 15, 2017—Sy-Klone International announces the immediate release of the RESPA®-CF2, the most advanced Cab Air Quality System, delivering a powered precleaner, filter, and pressurizer in one compact, customizable unit. This latest innovation from Sy-Klone International offers the highest quality of filtration and pressurization at the lowest cost. The cost-effective system extends the HVAC system maintenance intervals while dramatically extending filter life—which saves on filter and labor costs to the user.  Another feature of the RESPA-CF is the ability to maintain cab pressurization. The powered precleaning technology allows cabs/enclosures to sustain positive pressurization while keeping particulate out.

The timing of this product’s release is of particular significance. With the changes to the OSHA Silica Rule, and belief that MSHA will follow with its own regulation changes, industries are scrambling to meet the regulatory requirements for keeping the cab/enclosure operator safe from respirable particulate. When used as part of Sy-Klone’s complete air quality system, the RESPA-CF2 is the most effective solution to help meet Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) and protect operators by reducing exposure to all forms of respirable particulate, including diesel particulate matter (DPM), asbestos, and respirable crystalline silica (RCS).  The cab stays cleaner, more comfortable–which in turn, keeps operators happier, healthier, and more productive.

The RESPA®-CF2 represents the state of the art in powered precleaning technology with particulate, odor and gas filtration, all specifically designed for extreme mining environments. “There is no other system that has been as thoroughly field tested and studied by the Industrial Hygiene community, University Ph.D.’s, and NIOSH. Its effectiveness in protecting operators from respirable dust exposure is nothing short of miraculous. Studies show that nothing protects operators in the real world like the Sy-Klone RESPA® system!” according to Jeff Moredock, EVP, Sy-Klone International.

About Sy-Klone International:

          Sy-Klone International is a worldwide leader in the design and production of Powered Precleaning systems used on the HVAC systems and engines in the heavy equipment, mining, agriculture, fire and rescue, military, construction, and forestry industries. Considered pioneers in the industry of air precleaning and adaptive filtration, Sy-Klone International owns more than 60 patents and is a corporate member of the International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE) and the American Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company has worldwide distribution. Visit for more details.


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