XLR Powered Precleaner Case Study: Wheel Loader in a Cement Factory

Sy-Klone International is proud to support equipment owners and operators around the world.  With our revolutionary products and disruptive technology, our customers are experiencing the benefits of machine up-time and cost savings like never before, as in this case study for the XLR Powered Precleaner® on a wheel loader in Belgium.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Machine: Wheel Loader

Environment: Extremely dusty environment in a cement factory

Indefinite engine filter life and an estimated $47,153 savings per year*!

Restriction light for engine filter came on after 4 hours of run time. The engine and 2 catalytic converters were dusted (had to be replaced) in the first 5000 hours of run time at a cost to the machine owner of $39,500.

Downtime cost for filter changes and lost production time is estimated to be $73,375 annually

After Dual XLR installation:
The prefilters were still operational after 260 hours of running in impossible dust conditions! Primary engine filter remained like new.

Annual calculated savings for the customer:
$47,153 per year.

* Results may vary based on machine and environment.




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