Hummer Owner adds Series 9000 prior to 1,500 km of Australian Outback Dirt!

Wayne, known as “Nugget” on the HummerXClub forum, was about to leave for a 6,200 kilometer (3853 miles) trip through the Australian Outback. His trip included 1,500 kms (932 miles) of dirt, so he knew it was time to “bite the bullet” and install a Sy-Klone Series 9000.

The Series 9000 is mounted on a Safari Snorkel, which is a modern (and better looking) version of the fording pipe used by military HumVees. Wayne says “I would comfortably have still water over the bonnet, as this rig has a 4-inch Rancho lift and runs 35 inches.”

Other Hummer enthusiasts commented that they by far preferred the look of the Series 9000 atop the Safari Snorkel, as opposed to the “Air Ram” that the unit comes with. The Series 9000 sits more flush with the roof line and is centered above the top of the Snorkel, creating a more pleasing line (the Air Ram projects forward from the top of the Snorkel’s pipe quite a bit).

The Series 9000 offers less restriction as the air is not immediately forced into an elbow, and it does not need to be rotated to optimize performance in prevailing conditions, as does the Air Ram. The Series 9000 also precleans the air, which the Snorkel does not provide on its own. See a demo video of the Series 9000 in action! Wayne was having problems getting unrestricted airflow to the super-charger, and he is hoping that the Series 9000 will fix this problem.

Because Wayne’s Hummer has an aftermarket supercharger, he made a custom air box for this installation. That is not the only custom item on this tricked out Hummer; his signature on the HummerXclub forum includes the following list:

H3 Adventure. Vortec Supercharger, Custom exhaust, 4″ Rancho lift with extended shackles and military wrap heavy duty rear suspension, HD Sway-A-Way torsion bars, 35″ MTZ’s, Rock Sliders, GME UHF radio, Cargo Barrier, UHF ariel custom side mounted, Pioneer AVIC Nav, draw system, dual battery, 500w inverter, custom roof rack with 4 IPF 800’s, custom ARB bullbar, Mile Marker V-Winch 10,000lb, snorkel with custom airbox and K & N filter, TD low profile shock plates.

We will be very proud if he adds Sy-Klone Series 9000 to this list!

Read the update on how the Series 9000 performed flawlessly on Wayne’s Outback trip!

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