Series 9000 Case Study: IN0077 Kit Replaces Tube Bodies, Filter Life Extended to 3000 hours

In this case study, several Caterpillar mining haul trucks achieved unprecedented filter life, up to 2000 hours without loss of power or clogging.
NOTE: At the end of the case study, the filters lasted 2,000 hours without blow-out or filter change. As of January 2014, the filters have now reached 3,000 hours!

Prior to this case study, the mine operators had installed a filter box in front of the tube body in an attempt to prevent clogging in the humid conditions, which increased resistance and required constant maintenance. The filter boxes and tube bodies were removed and replaced with the Series 9000 precleaners and IN0077 custom adaptation kit for this type of filter housing.

“We’ve never seen filter life in our trucks like this, the goal was to reach 1400 hr but we got past 2000 hrs. on two of the trucks. The third truck got new filters by accident at 1700 hours. We got no complaints about the machine performance. We no longer need maintenance crews running around with power washers cleaning the precleaners boxes, we are in a really humid zone and the dust was turning into mud inside the boxes making them a lot more restrictive. ”

READ the Case Study [PDF]

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