Series 9000 Case Study: Waste Truck

4.5x Filter Life Improvement Compared to initial rain-cap only system

  • Location: Florida
  • Machine: Waste Truck
  • Test Period: 1 year
  • Environment: Mix of city streets and debris-laden landfill
  • Results: 4.5x Filter Life Extension

Before Precleaner installation, filters were changed 9 times per year based upon observation of filter condition. Annual cost* for parts and labor: $450 per machine.

After Precleaner installation, filters were changed twice per year. Annual cost* for parts and labor: $100 per machine.

Savings over 1 year of operation: $350*

After this study, all trucks were equipped with Sy-Klone Series 9000 precleaners, resulting in enormous savings when calculated for the entire fleet.

*Costs: Filters $30 each, Labor $30 per hour

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