Series 9000 Case Study: Readymix Concrete Plant

Before precleaner installation, filters were blown-out every 250 hours (not recommended) and changed every 500 hours in accordance with the planned maintenance schedule. Cost* for parts and labor: $1006.50 per machine.

After the Sy-Klone Series 9000 Precleaner installation, only two filters were used during 5,000 hours of operation. The filters were never blown out and were only changed when the restriction gauge indicated a change was necessary. Cost* for parts and labor: $182.60 per machine.

Savings over 5000 hours of operation: $823.90*
*Costs: Filters $51.30 each, Labor $30 per hour.
Before: 5 filter changes and 5 blow-outs per 5000 hours.
After: 2 filter changes, no filter blow-outs per 5000 hours.

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