Case Study: Series 9000 Under-The-Hood Installation on a Kenworth T-800 Truck

An under the hood installation of Series 9000 Precleaner on Kenworth T-800 Truck operating in a quarry and on dirt roads provides dramatic filter life extension. This one-year case study shows how a simple installation can turn into serious improvements to machine uptime and lower maintenance costs.

PROCOPAL S.A. is a construction company in the city of Girardota, Columbia, with more than 40 years in the market giving to their costumer’s ultimate solutions in exploitation, production of stone materials, mixtures and asphalt bases and construction of road infrastructure works.

Looking for improvements and productivity for their truck fleet, PROCOPAL S.A installed Sy-Klone’s Series 9000 precleaners. The objective of the test was to duplicate the air filter life, going from 250 hours to 500 hours of filter life. The trucks chosen were T800 Kenworth trucks with Cummins ISM engines working in quarrying, road construction, and material transportation, all of which are high dust environments.

After a year of field tests, in two vehicles, we saw an average of 1600 hours in the air filter without reaching 15 inches of water restriction, greatly exceeding the 500-hour expectation. The oil analysis shows an average of 7 parts per million of silica from the samples taken.

Ruben Dario of Medina Machinery and equipment director of PROCOPAL S.A. says: “The system works really well in the trucks. The installation is easy–only taking two hours, and the performance is really good. We obtained an average of 1600 hours of air filter service without special maintenance. Special service is no longer needed! The implementation of the Series 9000 precleaners saved us money due to the extension in the air filter change period and it controlled the silica content in the oil. With the silica reduction, we can increase our oil change interval from to more than 350 hours with no trouble.”

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