Series 9000 Case Study: Quarry Mining Rock Truck

A Sy-Klone International customer, once again, experiences a dramatic increase in filter life with the installation of a Series 9000 Air Precleaner. A truck in a  rock quarry in England experienced a 4x Filter Life Improvement Compared to an initial rain-cap only system.

  • Location: Rock quarry in England
  • Machine: Large mining rock truck with dual air filters
  • Test Period: 2,000
  • Environment: Dry rock dust and dirt debris field
  • Results: 4x filter life extensions

Before Precleaner installation, both filters were changed every 150 hours and blown out every 60 hours (filter blow-outs are never recommended as they can damage air filters). Filters were changed when the restriction light came on. Cost* for parts and labor: $2,660 per machine.

After Precleaner installation, both filters were changed at 610 hours, even though there was no restriction indicated by a signal light. Cost* for parts and labor: $402.12 per machine.

Savings over 2,000 hours of operation: $2,257.88*

*Costs: Filters $55.77 x 2 per change, Labor $30 per hour.
  Before: 13 filter changes and 26 blow-outs per 2000 hours. 
  After: 3 filter changes, no filter blow-outs per 2000 hours.

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