Customers Love the Series 9000 Air Precleaner.

For more than 20 years, customers have been telling us what a great product the Series 9000 is.  Here is what our customers are saying.

“We purchased our new wheel loader with the Series 9000. We changed the filter when the restriction light came on. The amazing thing was that it only came on twice in 5000 hours of operation. We operate the machine in a ready-mix cement facility. I never expected this level of performance out any precleaner.”

Charles – Maintenance Manager
Ready Mix Concrete Factory – St. Cloud, Florida

“Since I installed a Series 9000 on my 744H, which is working in a compost pile, the air filter life has improved by two-thirds. I am ordering another one for my 544.”

Owner, Dairy Farm, San Diego, California

“I am planning to install Sy-Klone Precleaners on my two 950G series-2 loaders.  I have three of them on my 826 compactors and they work really well.  I would like to add them to the 950G loaders.” 

Mark, Private Landfill Operator, Minnesota

“The Series 9000 Precleaner seems to have increased my engine performance, fuel efficiency and the biggest thing is- have a look at my filter- it is nearly as clean as it went in before the trip!”

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Wayne, Hummer3 Owner, Australia


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