Comparison of Alternative Precleaner Technologies

The Series 9000 Air Precleaners and XLR Powered Precleaners overcome several problems inherent in competing technologies. Many other precleaner technologies INGEST the dirt – they collect debris and then must be manually emptied or cleaned. Some are supposed to empty the dirt, but this may not happen under less than ideal conditions. Sy-Klone precleaners are EJECTIVE – the debris is never collected in the precleaner in the first place.

Internal Precleaner with Dump Valve

  • Does not work efficiently in the field on mixed debris because it clogs
  • Dump valves often fall off, get painted, or crack and don’t close, eliminating their precleaning ability.
  • Acceptable Mountings:  Horizontal installation only
  • Precleaner Maintenance:  Must be manually cleaned.


    • Difficult to prevent contents from being discharged on to the air filter when the unit is slightly overfilled.
    • This problem increases when the bowls cloud over and crack.
    • If the bowl is not emptied, debris in the over-filled bowl can be sucked into air intake when the engine starts up, loading the air filter.
    • Aren’t designed to handle a mix of debris, such as rain, snow, chaff, sawdust, etc.
    • Acceptable Mountings: Vertical installation only
    • Precleaner Maintenance: Must be manually cleaned before bowl fills.


  • Often ineffective in field operation
  • If moisture or mixed debris is present, tubes clog, which adds restriction and eliminates effective precleaning and, in extreme cases, may cause the engine to underperform due to lack of oxygen.
  • The orifice in the muffler can erode, causing exhaust gasses to enter air intake. That can melt the tubes and put exhaust gasses into the engine.
  • Acceptable Mountings: Vertical installation only
  • Precleaner Maintenance: Difficult to determine if they are clogged and difficult to clean.

Compare to Sy-Klone Technology and see why the Series 9000 and the XLR Powered Precleaner eliminate these problems by design.

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