Snow Part 04: Ejective Precleaners – Maintaining Operating Efficiency

Operating efficiency –We have incorporated ingenious compression technology into the Series 9000 dome. Patented design and processes allow the precleaner to recapture lost energy, maintaining rotor speed and efficiency when ejecting large quantities of snow/ice/rain. No other precleaner does this!

Energy loss due to the rotor impacting heavy mass debris like wet snow, ice, and water, leads to inefficiency in the precleaner and contributes to water in the air filter housing and the ejection slot blinding over.

  • Every time the same snow re-impacts the rotor, it steals energy, creating more restriction and slowing the rotor down.
  • As the rotor slows it loses its ability to drive the particles to the outside wall of the precleaner.
  • When the rotor goes slower, it allows more debris to pass into the air filter housing.
  • This is called a loss of separation efficiency.

When the rotor impacts a particle, energy transfers from the rotor to the particle. Thus the rotor is always losing energy. When there is enough energy transfer from the rotor to the debris field, the rotor loses speed and becomes less effective as a centrifugal separator.

The Series 9000 is the only precleaner that addresses this problem. Knowing that the rotor will slow down and lose energy when impacting debris, we designed an energy recapture mechanism into the precleaner, our patented toroidal dome.

The toroidal-shaped dome compresses the air as it moves toward the top of the dome. At the point of its greatest compression in the top of the dome, the air is accelerated down the throat of the precleaner into the air filter housing.

The rotor has accelerator tabs extending downward which react to the accelerated airflow, causing the rotor to speed up. The ability of the precleaner design to recapture lost energy through the use of compressed air and transfer it back to the precleaner’s only moving part, the rotor, is smart engineering and a patented process. <more on how it works>

Recapture of lost energy allows the Series 9000 to maintain operating efficiency, even when ejecting heavy debris such as snow, rain, and sleet.

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