Snow Part 05: Ejective Precleaners – Sealed Bearings in our Patented Bearing Cavity

The Series 9000 is the only precleaner in the world today that has a patented sealed protected bearing cavity and a 0.04% warranty claim rate. Our bearings don’t fail!

Bearing failure is one of the primary reasons for precleaner failure. Sub-zero temperatures combine with dirt to stop the bearings cold. Bearings are the heart of any precleaner, allowing the rotor to spin. If the bearings fail, the precleaner fails. If the precleaner fails in snowy conditions, the filter may quickly blind over, robbing the engine of air.

Most manufacturers play the numbers. Shielded bearings are less expensive than sealed bearings, and an enclosed bearing cavity is nearly impossible to construct in a metal precleaner. Bearings are not adequately isolated from moisture and airborne debris, so they tend to quickly corrode.

These manufacturers know that a percentage of bearings are going to fail, but the cost of warranty claims are not high enough to justify upgrading the quality. That all sounds reasonable until the failure is on YOUR machine in dangerous weather. In harsh winter conditions, can you afford to gamble with an inferior product?

The only precleaner made today with a fully enclosed bearing cavity is the Series 9000.

Our patented bearing cavity contains bearing spacers and an isolation chamber, completely separating the high quality sealed bearings from moisture and debris, eliminating the risk of corrosion.

Our sealed bearings are packed in a 20% grease concentration, compared to the 10-15% used by our competitors. In fact, we call it the arctic package, as this allows the precleaner to operate smoothly down to -40°F, and it comes standard on every Series 9000. <more on how it works>

Our failure rates are near zero (0.04%) and we offer a limited lifetime warranty. Bearing failures are the primary cause for warranty claims experienced by other manufacturers. Only Sy-Klone’s Series 9000 features this patented sealed bearing cavity.

This bearing cavity design protects not only the life of the precleaner, but your investment and the safety of the operator in harsh winter conditions. You can’t afford to have your bearings seize up, and with the Sy-Klone Series 9000, you don’t have to worry about it.

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