Snow Part 06: Ingestive Precleaner Technologies

Ingestive Precleaners draw the debris-laden air into themselves for particle separation. When this debris is SNOW, many of these technologies fail. Series 9000 avoids all the problems of ingestive technologies by ejecting rather than internalizing the snow.

The fundamental premise of an ingestive precleaner is that it draws the debris laden air into itself and then applies mechanical process to remove the debris.

Remember our illustration of ingestive vs. ejective is a person who has a bug fly into his mouth. Ingestive precleaners choose to swallow the bug and allow the stomach and other mechanical processes to work on the bug pushing it through its system until it is ultimately discharged.

Typical forms of ingestive precleaner are

  • Tangential Air Filter Housing
  • Tube body precleaners/Dona Cone
  • Dust Bowl precleaners

While these technologies seem to work well in a lab environment with perfectly dry and uniform test dust, they do not always perform as well in the real world with mixed debris and humidity. When you throw snow into the equation, many of these technologies are not effective at all.

Next, we will examine how each of these ingestive technologies handles snow.

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