Snow Part 09: Ingestive Precleaners: Dust Bowls

Snow occupies a large volume which cannot be effectively handled by a dust bowl, which needs to be emptied every time it is near full. Once filled, a dust bowl is sending the snow and debris right down into the filter housing.

Dust Bowl-type precleaners are, by design, intended to be dumped regularly. In heavy snow conditions, they should be dumped as quickly as the bowl fills with snow. This can be 10 minutes or 8 hours depending on the conditions.

How a tube body system worksApart from the inability of the Dust Bowl to accommodate significant volumes of snow, it fails in several other key areas:

Dry Snow: In light dry snow the small snow particles will react within the Dust Bowl as fine dirt particles, moving quickly to the top of the lid and over the lip of the bowl and into a resting position.

However, once the bowl begins to fill with fine dry snow, the snow in the upper portions of the bowl becomes more agitated by the air being drawn through the bowl. It can be easily drawn from the collection bowl back into the air stream and right down into the filter housing.

Wet Snow: Heavier wet snow can easily coagulate at the top of the bowl where the roof and rim of the bowl come closest together. At this point, by design, dry dust is supposed to drop over the lip into the bowl. In snow conditions the lip becomes a sticking point where wet snow quickly accumulates, sealing the gap between the lid of the dust bowl and the lip of the bowl. Once this happens 100% of the snow is dropped into the air filter housing.

This precleaner was never designed to handle wet or dry snow. It is beyond the operator’s ability to keep one of these systems functioning in heavy snow conditions, no matter how often it is emptied.

Because of the patented design of our toroidal dome, debris does not rise to the top of the Series 9000 and so never spills over into the air inlet pipe.

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