Sy-Klone Complies to California Proposition 65

Sy-Klone International announces its compliance with California’s Proposition 65 through the placement of statutory “warning labels” on its products and packaging. James Moredock, company President announced that “In order to protect our company from being sued in California, we will include the warning labeling required by Prop 65. Despite our high confidence that none of the products sold by Sy-Klone–when used for its intended purpose–would ever expose a person to any of the over 1000 chemicals determined by the State of California to be harmful, we must protect our company from the potential for being sued by someone in California seeking to claim otherwise.”

“Prop 65 appears to place the burden on the manufacturer to warn of possible exposure. Failure to do so could result in exposure to litigation and require the company to prove that the intended use of its products poses no significant risk of exposure to a single chemical on an ever-expanding list of chemicals. Because of this, Sy-Klone will now include the required ‘clear and reasonable’ warning label which will now appear on all of our packaging,” states Moredock.

Sy-Klone International strongly believes that our products pose no significant risk of exposure to any harmful chemical. However, Sy-Klone has chosen–like many of our industry colleagues and like most other consumer product industries–to protect itself from costly litigation.

“Sy-Klone International’s focus is on providing clean air to engines and operators,” states Dave Ottenstein, Sy-Klone International’s Vice President of Sale and Marketing. “We know that meeting this requirement will create a lot of questions when purchasers see this new label displayed on our products, particularly those associated with cab enclosure filtration. In no way do we feel that any of our products expose our customers to measurable, harmful chemicals. However, to avoid exposing our company to expensive litigation in California, we must meet labeling requirements if our products could potentially be sold in California. Therefore, all of our packages must be labeled with the new warning.”

“What Sy-Klone wants to see,” says Jeff Moredock, Sy-Klone’s Executive Vice President, “is that every worker in the world, who must work inside an operator enclosure, is protected so that they can go to work eight hours and not suffer lung disease as a result. OEMs build hundreds of thousand machines every year worldwide. The greatest benefit to machine operators will come as more machines come factory-equipped with RESPA technologies. In no way would we create products that would expose workers to cancer-causing agents at the same time.”

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