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Sy-Klone Monitoring Coronavirus Impact

Sy-Klone International continues to closely monitor our supply chain and the potential impact the Coronavirus outbreak may have on our business.

Sy-Klone is not currently impacted by the outbreak and the company is experiencing NO shortages.

Sy-Klone continues to be proactive in communications with key suppliers in regions that may be impacted, and suppliers who source sub-components from regions that may be impacted.  

Sy-Klone has sufficient supplier diversity and geographic diversity, as well as planned safety stock in forecast, such that we expect supply chain disruptions, if any, to be resolved prior to experiencing shortages. Sy-Klone does not anticipate that deliveries of our products to customers will be impacted.

Sy-Klone will remain pro-active and will continue to closely monitor the supply chain to identify and remediate any impact on our supply and on our ability to meet customers’ requirements. Sy-Klone will communicate if any changes to our expectations occur.

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