Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

May 1, 2020 — Over the last several weeks, as the COVID-19 situation has impacted everyone profoundly, we at Sy-Klone International are grateful for the health and safety of our employees, the commitment and resilience of our suppliers, and the close business relationships with our customers. We look forward to brighter days ahead, where our communities methodically restore healthy activities and our collective businesses regain lost momentum.  Meanwhile, Sy-Klone has been carefully navigating the impacts of this situation to ensure safety, supply, production, and delivery of products globally.

Rising to the COVID Challenge: Sy-Klone Employees Continue to Deliver Strong Service

During this unprecedented time, Sy-Klone International team members have risen to the occasion to maintain high service levels, ensuring flexible order intake and modification, on-time deliveries, and a commitment to safe operating practices. At the onset of the pandemic, we quickly implemented business continuity efforts to ensure production uptime and minimize supply or service disruption.

As a vendor to essential and critical infrastructure needs around the world, our team is focused on maintaining service-level excellence even during this challenging environment. I am proud of the work the team is doing – partnering daily with customers, vendors, and suppliers to achieve high production performance, including:

  • On-time shipping levels in April were 99%+ performance
  • Quality adherence is at all-time highs
  • Inventory safety stock remains stable, with ongoing replenishment and no shortages forecasted
  • Health and Safety remains top priority, with zero (0) cases of COVID-19 at Sy-Klone to-date and zero (0) OSHA safety incidents year-to-date

We continue to actively monitor any short-term service disruptions as economies and governments around the world come back online and will proactively communicate if any issues are identified. 

Protecting our Employees and Maintaining Continuity

Ensuring the safety of our employees and partners is of the utmost importance during this time. We have enacted several measures to support a safe and healthy workplace, including implementing active social distancing practices throughout our facilities, providing PPE to all team members working on-site, and shifting the majority of non-production staff to a remote workforce.  

We are closely monitoring federal, state, and local governments’ recommendations on returning to normal business operations. We will take a strategic and measured approach to migrate employees back to an in-person environment at the appropriate junctures; in the interim, we remain fully functional.

Continuing to Advance our Commitment to Clean Air

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for clean air solutions in both heavy industrial environments and broader community settings alike. We remain committed to carrying out our mission to become the global leader in advanced air filtration systems for engines and enclosures, and to keep our customers’ employees safe and equipment operating efficiently through the power of clean air. We are actively working on several new products and advancements that will address broader market challenges, many of which tie into the heightened focus on clean air that has resulted from COVID-19. We look forward to sharing these advancements in the near future.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we navigate these challenges.


Amy Rice, CEO


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