Join us at MINExpo 2021

Meet Occupational Exposure Reduction Goals with Improved Air Quality

ISO 23875, a new air quality standard passed in February 2021, includes five engineering requirements for air quality systems, filters, and monitoring devices used in heavy mobile equipment and fixed plant cabs on mine sites.

Before attending MINExpo, learn why, and how, Rio Tinto is adopting ISO 23875 in a recent webinar hosted by the Canadian Institute of Mining, the International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE), and Sy-Klone International.

Visit the Sy-Klone International Booth at MINExpo to learn more.

Minimize Dust, Maximixe Protection with Vortex MAX Powered Engine PrecleanerSy-Klone International designs and engineers clean air solutions for industrial sites, including ISO 23875-compliant cab air quality systems, in-cab CO2 and pressure monitors, and high-efficiency filters. Whether or not the pursuit of ISO 23875 is a fit for your site near-term, Sy-Klone has a range of air quality solutions to protect workers and machines with clean air.

Visit Sy-Klone’s Booth, #28510, South Hall​, to learn more about ISO 23875 and how adopting the standard can reduce occupational exposure and protect your machine operators’ air quality with clean air, as well as see the new Vortex MAX powered engine precleaner and learn how to keep your fixed plant and mobile equipment fleet running at peak performance, even in the most extreme, debris-laden mine site environments.

Email to set up an onsite meeting or stop by Booth #28510 in the South Hall during the Expo.


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