Vortex MAX High-airflow Powered Engine Precleaner

Sy-Klone Vortex Max Engine Precleaner

Minimize Dust, Maximize Filter Life and Machine Uptime

On a mine site, dust is a major contributor to reduced engine filter life, engine failure, machine downtime, and premature machine performance issues.

Dust and debris-laden engine intake air can lead to contaminated engine oil and damaged exhaust and after-treatment systems, resulting in costly engine repairs or even complete replacement, dramatically increasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of heavy mobile equipment.

Sy-Klone International introduced the concept of powered engine precleaning, and we’ve unveiled the latest generation, the Vortex® MAX.

The Vortex MAX is a high-airflow powered precleaner that precleans and filters dust and debris from engine intake air – ensuring only clean air makes its way downstream to the machine’s engine.

Extend engine filter life and reduce unplanned maintenance costs

      • Minimize dirty air, Maximize engine life
      • Minimize dust and debris, Maximize filter life
      • Minimize downtime, Maximize productivity
      • Minimize restriction, Maximize engine performance
      • Minimize maintenance costs, Maximize profitability

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership, Improve Productivity

      • Optimal Airflow: 300 to 600 CFM (8.5 to 17 m3/min) from a single unit
      • Maximizes Engine Performance, Filter Life: Provides sustained, clean airflow regardless of the machine’s operating state, minimizes downtime and maintenance costs through reduction of dirt and debris downstream
      • Versatile Installation Options: Available in 12V and 24V configurations, compact size and footprint with variable mounting configurations, simplified installation enabled by single, higher-airflow system that does not require use of plenum or airbox
      • Proven, Patented, Powered Technology: Featuring patented and patent-pending, powered precleaning technology combined with high-efficiency air filtration, from the global leader in industrial clean air solutions

Click to view Vortex MAX product info, or contact your Sy-Klone sales manager for additional information.

Sy-Klone Vortex Max High-Airflow Powered Engine Precleaner
Vortex MAX, high-airflow, powered engine precleaner

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