Vortex MAX High-airflow Powered Engine Precleaner

Sy-Klone Vortex Max Engine Precleaner

Minimize Dust, Maximize Filter Life and Machine Uptime

On a mine site, dust is a major contributor to reduced engine filter life, engine failure, machine downtime, and premature machine performance issues.

Dust and debris-laden engine intake air can lead to contaminated engine oil and damaged exhaust and aftertreatment systems, resulting in costly engine repairs or even complete replacement, dramatically increasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a piece of heavy mobile equipment.

Sy-Klone International introduced the concept of powered engine precleaning and at this year’s MINExpo, we unveiled the latest generation of powered precleaning technology, the Vortex® MAX.

The Vortex MAX is a high-airflow powered precleaner that precleans and filters dust and debris from engine intake air – ensuring only clean air makes its way downstream to the machine’s engine.

Maximize your heavy mobile equipment assets and keep machines running longer with the Vortex MAX powered engine precleaner 

      • Minimize dirty air, Maximize engine life
      • Minimize dust and debris, Maximize filter life
      • Minimize downtime, Maximize productivity
      • Minimize restriction, Maximize engine performance
      • Minimize maintenance costs, Maximize profitability

Vortex MAX overview

      • High Airflow: 900 CFM (25.48 m3/min) from a single unit
      • Maximizes Engine Performance, Filter Life: Provides sustained, clean airflow regardless of the machine’s operating state, minimizes downtime and maintenance costs through reduction of dirt and debris downstream
      • Versatile Installation Options: Available in 12V and 24V configurations, compact size and footprint with variable mounting configurations, simplified installation enabled by single, higher-airflow system that does not require use of plenum or airbox
      • Proven, Patented, Powered Technology: Featuring patented and patent-pending, powered precleaning technology combined with high-efficiency air filtration, from the global leader in industrial clean air solutions

Click to view Vortex MAX product info, or contact your Sy-Klone sales manager for additional information.

Sy-Klone Vortex Max High-Airflow Powered Engine Precleaner
Vortex MAX, high-airflow, powered engine precleaner

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