Sy-Klone International Recognizes Resellers with Awards of Excellence

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Sy-Klone International, a global manufacturer of cab air quality and engine precleaner products, is recognizing excellence in its reseller network with the announcement of the inaugural 2022 Sy-Klone Circle of Protection Awards Honorees.

Sy-Klone Circle of Protection emblem

The 2022 Sy-Klone Circle of Protection award program recognizes excellence achieved in 2021, including the promotion and education on the benefits of clean air, excellence in engineering and application design, demonstrated strength in sales and revenue performance, proactive education of the market on industry best practices and standards compliance, strong customer-centric service, positive representation of the Sy-Klone brand, support of product development and innovation, and partnering with end users to incorporate Sy-Klone solutions in solving the most complex air quality challenges facing today’s industrial job sites.

“The 2022 Sy-Klone Circle of Protection Honorees represent best practices from around the world in protecting machine operators and machines from the detrimental impact of dust, debris and other harmful contaminants,” shared Amy Rice, Sy-Klone International Chief Executive Officer. “Sy-Klone distributors and OEMs, and especially our Circle of Protection Honorees, are proactively partnering with industrial end users to advance health and safety goals and achieve exposure reduction targets to protect machine operator air quality, as well as meet operating performance measures by keeping heavy equipment running longer with the protective power of clean air.”

Honorees in the 2022 Sy-Klone Circle of Protection represent distributors and OEMs from four countries across the global customer base, specializing in unique clean air applications that feature the Sy-Klone product line.

2022 Sy-Klone Circle of Protection Awards of Excellence Honorees

CoP Award LindenLinden B.V., headquartered in Lienden, Gelderland, Netherlands, is the 2022 Sy-Klone Engine Products Distributor of the Year. Linden B.V., with decades of experience engineering and installing Sy-Klone’s engine precleaners and filtration systems, has developed expertise in helping companies operating in extreme work conditions extend machine service intervals, reduce downtime, and maximize heavy equipment fleet productivity through providing clean engine intake air with Sy-Klone’s patented line of engine precleaners. Linden B.V. is recognized for their ongoing ingenuity in Sy-Klone engine product applications across waste, bulk material handling, and other work environments where high-levels of dust and debris are present, coupled with their product development support, including in-field testing and early sales and adoption of the latest Sy-Klone powered engine precleaner, the Vortex MAX.

Lyons Airconditioning, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, is the 2022 Sy-Klone Cab Air Products Distributor of the Year. Lyons Airconditioning is recognized for partnering with mine site operators to achieve exposure reduction goals through implementation of clean air solutions, most notably ISO 23875-compliant cab air quality installations. Lyons Airconditioning has developed expertise in installing Sy-Klone’s RESPA cab air quality systems, high-efficiency filters, and in-cab monitoring products, which protect machine operators on mine sites from the harmful impact of dust, debris, and unsafe levels of CO2. Lyons’ positive representative of the Sy-Klone brand and expanding expertise in providing cab pressurization and filtration services, continue to be recognized in the marketplace through rapidly accelerating sales, new partnerships with mine site operators seeking dust suppression solutions, and growth of existing relationships. Lyons Airconditioning’s work advancing worker health and safety with mine site operators in Australia through the installation of Sy-Klone products has recently been featured in industry publications including Safe to Work, Australian Mining, and Australian Mining Review.

Climatrans Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Québec, Canada is a 2022 Health and Safety Award of Excellence Honoree, for its global leadership in promoting, adopting, and working with mine site operators to meet the engineering and performance requirements of ISO 23875, a cab air quality standard. The Climatrans team was an early champion of ISO 23875 and has been at the forefront of installing and certifying full ISO 23875 cab installations, featuring Sy-Klone’s RESPA CF2 fresh air system, high-efficiency filtration, the RESPA Advisor+ in-cab CO2 monitor, and the RESPA PFX in-cab purifier. Climatrans is a trusted partner of mine sites, providing Sy-Klone products that are engineered to perform in the most rugged and extreme conditions, from iron ore operations in the east to the northern most mine sites in the artic of Canada. Climatrans works closely with Western Canadian Sy-Kone distributor Polar Mobility to promote health and safety best practices in the mining industry across Canada. Climatrans’ air quality expertise and health and safety programs with mine sites were featured in a recent Canadian Institute of Mining webinar on ISO 23875 and cab air quality best practices.

Polar Mobility Research, the Sy-Klone distributor in Western Canada, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is a leading air conditioning manufacturer, after-market service provider, and a 2022 Health and Safety Award of Excellence Honoree. Polar Mobility has developed a long-standing relationship with industrial companies, including mine sites across Western Canada, to address complex air quality challenges. Polar Mobility has been an early adopter of ISO 23875 and an active collaborator with Eastern Canadian Sy-Klone distributor Climatrans Inc and the mining industry to promote the benefits of protecting machine operator air quality. Polar Mobility’s health and safety work with mining companies through the implementation of Sy-Klone products has been featured in World Coal and the Canadian Institute of Mining.

Flory Industries, a manufacturer of agriculture machinery headquartered in Salida, California, is recognized as a 2022 U.S. OEM Award of Excellence Honoree. As a long-standing Sy-Klone partner, Flory Industries has been active in protecting machine operator air quality in the agriculture industry, though integration of the Sy-Klone RESPA systems into the company’s line of heavy-duty sweepers, shakers, and other agriculture machines. Flory continues to advance its line of machinery, while expanding the testing and use of Sy-Klone’s cab air quality products, to protect machine operators from harmful respiratory dust and debris.

Key Dollar Cab, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a leader in orchard tractor cab manufacturing and is recognized as a 2022 U.S. OEM Award of Excellence Honoree. Key Dollar Cab was an early adopter and proponent of air quality inside of operator cabs and of worker health and safety efforts in the agriculture industry. Key Dollar Cab champions air quality with its agriculture customers, from small family farming operations to large corporate farms, leading the effort to grow awareness and adoption of air quality protection for agriculture workers operating orchard tractors. Key Dollar Cab has shown a commitment to health and safety, manufacturing excellence, and long-standing partnership with Sy-Klone to protect orchard tractor operators from harmful dust, debris, odor, and other respirable contaminants.

Visionaire, a manufacturer of industrial air conditioning solutions, is the 2022 Systems Integrator of the Year. Visionaire, based in Irving, Texas, integrates Sy-Klone’s RESPA cab air quality systems into heavy-duty air conditioners engineered for the most extreme, debris-laden job sites including mining, rail maintenance of way, and other industrial applications. Visionaire, a trusted partner of leading OEMs, continues to innovate and expand the integration of Sy-Klone products into their line of air conditioning products to provide OEMs and end users clean air solutions that maximize respiratory protection for machine operators working in high-debris environments.

About Sy-Klone International

Sy-Klone International is a manufacturing and technology company that creates industry-leading air filtration solutions. As a high-growth company, Sy-Klone has recently been recognized for revenue performance, innovation, and employee engagement, including being selected as one of 50 honorees on the 2021 GrowFL Companies to Watch list, and receiving the First Coast Manufacturers Association’s Workforce Development award for a demonstrated commitment to employee training and development.

Sy-Klone International partners with nine out of the top ten global mining and construction Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and sells its patented technologies across six continents through distribution partners that provide Sy-Klone’s clean air solutions for industrial applications on job sites where high levels of dust, debris, odors, and gases are present, such as mining, waste, construction, and other job sites. Over decades, Sy-Klone has established a wide range of proprietary solutions that increase uptime for heavy equipment engines and keep operators safe and healthy with clean air environments.  With over 100 patents and registered trademarks worldwide, Sy-Klone continues to grow and provide innovative solutions to meet complex customer needs, especially in the area of market-leading air quality delivery systems and advanced technology filtration for high-debris environments.

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