Sy-Klone International Announces Forthcoming Transition of Founder

Photo of James Moredock

Founded over 30 years ago, Sy-Klone International has innovated and evolved over decades, becoming an international leader in industrial filtration and clean air solutions. In the midst of accelerated progress and record performance, James Moredock, the founder and former CEO of the company, is preparing to step away from day-to-day responsibilities.

Photo of James Moredock, Founder of Sy-Klone International
James Moredock, Founder

During James’ tenure as CEO, from 1986 to 2019, and subsequently in his role leading the company’s intellectual property strategy, Sy-Klone introduced multiple new products and product lines, expanded into international markets, and formed partnerships with strategic accounts, including many international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). James’ guidance in innovation and intellectual property has supported the company’s development of a rich, IP-protected product portfolio, comprised of over 100 patents and trademarks globally.

“James has fostered a rich legacy and his work has positioned Sy-Klone well for long-term success. Particularly, his passion for new product development has fueled a company ethos of innovation that continues to enhance and transform Sy-Klone’s product offering, expanding clean air solutions for engines, cabs, and broad industrial applications. Over the last few years, and particularly during my tenure at Sy-Klone, James has dedicated himself to active knowledge transfer to enable Sy-Klone to advance rapidly, while building both historical context and present-day competence across our leaders. Personally, I appreciate James’ support and passion for this business, our products, and our customers. I celebrate his profound commitment and contributions to Sy-Klone,” said current CEO Amy Rice.

Near-term, James is continuing active training, co-development of tools, and transfer of knowledge.  As of August 1st, James will retire his staff responsibilities, though he intends to maintain extended support as needed for team members and engagement in the progression of the overall business. Additionally, James will continue to serve as Chair of the Board of Managers for Sy-Klone and as one of Sy-Klone’s most enthusiastic supporters.

“I am proud of Sy-Klone’s history and both confident and excited about Sy-Klone’s future. What started as a single product, an engine precleaner, has grown into an international portfolio of clean air solutions. The quality of the current Sy-Klone team, the products we have developed, and the customers that we serve around the world is outstanding. The company has strong leadership and clear vision to carry it forward. I’m pleased to be able to maintain an active connection to Sy-Klone as I make this transition out of the daily operations of the business,” shared James Moredock.


About Sy-Klone International:

Sy-Klone International is a manufacturing and technology company that creates industry-leading air filtration solutions. As a high-growth company, Sy-Klone has recently been recognized for revenue performance, innovation, and employee engagement, including being selected as one of 50 honorees on the 2021 GrowFL Companies to Watch list and receiving the First Coast Manufacturers Association’s Workforce Development award for a demonstrated commitment to employee training and development.

Sy-Klone’s customers range from heavy equipment manufacturers to the U.S. government and international militaries, to distribution that supplies end-users of heavy equipment across the globe in the most intensive, debris-laden industries. Over decades, Sy-Klone has established a wide range of proprietary solutions that increase uptime for heavy equipment engines and keep operators safe and healthy with clean air environments. With over 100 patents and registered trademarks worldwide, Sy-Klone continues to grow and provide innovative solutions to meet complex customer needs, especially in the area of market-leading air quality delivery systems and advanced technology filtration for high-debris environments.

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