Introducing: New Sy-Klone Cabin Air Recirculation Filters

New High-Efficiency Cabin Air Recirculation Filters Reduce Occupational Exposure

Introducing Sy-Klone’s new OEM-replacement filters featuring higher-efficiency filter media to support improved air quality in heavy dust and debris conditions, promoting safer working environments inside heavy equipment cabs. Available for select Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, and Kubota brand equipment, the filters are easy to install and include a filter and mounting hardware, and replacement filters are available.

Protect heavy-machinery operators, improve air quality

    • Significantly higher efficiency than factory filter, providing improved air quality.
    • When combined with RESPA® fresh air systems and cab monitors, provides superior fresh and recirculated cab air quality.
    • Meet exposure reduction goals and health and safety initiatives; reduce exposure to harmful respirable particulate.
    • High-efficiency filtration arrests microscopic particles extending HVAC system maintenance intervals and filter life, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
Manufacturer Model Machine Type Panel Filter Kit Replacement Filter
Caterpillar 320E Excavator PF710 PF004
773F Small Haul Truck PF703 PF002
785D Haul Truck PF702 PF002
D10T Dozer PF708 PF004
D10T 2 Dozer PF709 PF004
Hitachi EX2600-7 through EX8000-7 Excavator PF701 PF001
Komatsu 830/960e – 2/4 model cabins Haul Truck PF716 PF006
HD785-7 Small Haul Truck PF712 PF004
HD1500-8/HD605-8 TL Haul Truck PF711 PF004
PC130-8 Excavator PF706 PF003
PC200-11 Excavator PF707 PF003
WA270-6 Wheel Loader PF705 PF003
WA270-7/8 Wheel Loader PF713 PF004
Kubota SSV75 Skid Steer PF714 PF005
SVL75-2 Skid Steer PF715 PF005

View and download the product brochure.

View and download the individual product installation sheets.

All items are available now for standard lead-time orders. If you have any questions, contact your Sy-Klone Account Manager or Sales Operations Representative.

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