Vortex MAX High-airflow Powered Engine Precleaner

Minimize Dust, Maximize Filter Life and Machine Uptime

On a mine site, dust is a major contributor to reduced engine filter life, engine failure, machine downtime, and premature machine performance issues.

Dust and debris-laden engine intake air can lead to contaminated engine oil and damaged exhaust and after-treatment systems, resulting in costly engine repairs or even complete replacement, dramatically increasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of heavy mobile equipment.
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Join us at MINExpo 2021

Meet Occupational Exposure Reduction Goals with Improved Air Quality

ISO 23875, a new air quality standard passed in February 2021, includes five engineering requirements for air quality systems, filters, and monitoring devices used in heavy mobile equipment and fixed plant cabs on mine sites.

Before attending MINExpo, learn why, and how, Rio Tinto is adopting ISO 23875 in a recent webinar hosted by the Canadian Institute of Mining, the International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE), and Sy-Klone International.

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Selecting a Heavy Equipment Engine Precleaner for Winter Weather

Running heavy equipment in extreme winter weather presents a unique set of challenges and maintaining airflow to the engine is one of them. Failure to keep snow, ice, or rain out of the air intake may result in the engine’s air filter media becoming saturated, increasing inlet restriction, thus starving the engine of air and causing the machine to de-power and stall. [continue reading] Selecting a Heavy Equipment Engine Precleaner for Winter Weather


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