Why You Need RESPA – New Animated Video

Poor air quality in the cab can cause many problems, from loss of productivity due to operator discomfort, all the way to shortening an operator’s life due to lower lung disease from excessive particulate exposure. Climbing CO2 levels can cause a dangerous lack of operator clarity or even death due to accident. RESPA® addresses all these issues, and our simple animated video makes it easy to understand. [continue reading] Why You Need RESPA – New Animated Video

Sy-Klone® Introduces the RESPA®-CF2

        Jacksonville, FL—February 15, 2017—Sy-Klone International announces the immediate release of the RESPA®-CF2, the most advanced Cab Air Quality System, delivering a powered precleaner, filter, and pressurizer in one compact, customizable unit. This latest innovation from Sy-Klone International offers the highest quality of filtration and pressurization at the lowest cost. [continue reading] Sy-Klone® Introduces the RESPA®-CF2


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