MERV 16 Standard Length Fresh Air Filter – FEFF208

MERV 16 Standard Length Fresh Air Filter – FEFF208

Code: FEFF208

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Product Description


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The FEFF208 RadialSHIELD filter is a ported MERV 16/F9 filter for use in the RESPA®-CF2 or RESPA®-CF standard-length fresh air system. The ejective endcap allows for debris and particulate to be ejected out of the filter housing and back into the environment, promoting longer filter life as part of the product’s patented self-cleaning filter capability.

FEFF208 Filter Details

  • Endcap: Ejective endcap
  • Length: Standard length
  • System Type: Fresh air
  • Sy-Klone RESPA models: RESPA-CF2 and RESPA-CF
  • Filter rating: MERV 16 (view Sy-Klone Filter Matrix)
  • Prior generation model numbers: The FEFF208 replaces FEFF108 and FEFF008

New Filter Design Improves Airflow, Durability, and Performance

The RadialSHIELD 200 series filters feature a ground-breaking, lightweight, open screen matrix technology as well as cutting edge filter medias, seal capabilities, and materials. The structural and design advancements reduce restriction, decrease filter weight, ensure a reliable seal in extreme operating conditions, and improve durability against constant vibrations and unintended drops, and ultimately result in overall higher performance.

Design enhancements:

  • More robust construction
  • Greater filter efficiency
  • Improved seal design
  • Lower restriction

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Filter Change Instructions [PDF]