Human Resources

Human Resource officers face many challenges in industrial employee acquisitions.  Construction projects tend to be awarded at short notice following a competitive tendering bid. Due to its nature, construction companies tend to only bring in contractors once they know they have the contract. This can reduce your scope to implement a proper HR strategy.

In some industries, the nature of the work itself creates employee hazards.  In many cases, organizations such a MSHA and OSHA will set guidelines that must be followed to protect the worker.  When those guidelines are not followed, staff turnover can be high, which often piles on the pressure to your day to day workload. Working with your Health and Safety team will be important.

Health and Safety Issues can be an HR Headache

Health and safety is a massive issue in the construction industry. In many countries, there are more injuries and fatalities in the construction industry than any other. Although the health and safety team should be ensuring best practice is followed, accidents still occur no matter how stringent the enforcement of health and safety conduct. Also, not adhering to regulatory requirements can also put the health and safety of the worker at risk.

This presents a headache from an HR perspective. Consider:

  • Time off due to injury of one sort or another must be worked out, together with necessary deductions to payroll, and other administrative policies launched.
  • Legislative bodies may become involved, in which case at some point, HR will too.
  • Should a persistent health and safety problem be present, industrial relation problems may arise. If this is the case it will become an issue for you to deal with at least in part.
  • The risk of accidents and other incidents increase as workplaces are forever changing, and high staff turnover results in the workforce not really knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Sy-Klone Offers Solutions to Help Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

While Sy-Klone can't solve all of your Human Resource problems, we do offer products that protect the health and safety of workers who utilize equipment with enclosed cabs or those who work in hazardous environments where the only escape is to an enclosed room. Keeping these enclosures filled with fresh, breathable air is what Sy-Klone specializes in. Our RESPA® cab filtration systems work so well, that when installed, make the cab or enclosure one of the cleanest locations on the whole site.   To learn more about these products, click here. You can also read articles of relevance—including regulatory updates--to you in our News and Case Study area.