We focus on people, products, and the planet.

Sy-Klone International is not only focused on clean air for humans and equipment, we are also focused on being good citizens in our global environment. The decisions we make as employees, as consumers, and as citizens on a daily basis impacts both business and the wider society.

Sy-Klone is committed to Quality in all aspects of our Operations.

As a policy, Sy-Klone's employees look for ways to achieve outstanding quality in all that we do. From the way we conduct ourselves to the way we handle disposable products, giving our very best to our company and our environment is not just recognized by each employee, but are policies by which we live and work.

Sy-Klone International's Quality Policy
Supported by its employees, Sy-Klone International is committed to designing and manufacturing products that consistently meet or exceed customer requirements while striving to continuously improve performance. We are ISO 9001 certified.
Sy-Klone International's Environmental Policy
Sy-Klone International is committed to environmental quality. We will ensure that all Sy-Klone employees comply with environmental regulations associated with our activities, and products. We will set realistic environmental objectives and goals that will be regularly reviewed and evaluated. We will communicate to all employees the importance of our environmental policy and will continue to improve Sy-Klone International's environmental performance. We are ISO 14001 certified.