RESPA-CF2 Powered Fresh Air Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer

RESPA-CF2 Powered Fresh Air Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer

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Product Description


The RESPA®-CF2 is the most advanced Cab Air Quality System available, delivering a powered precleaner, filter, and pressurizer in one compact, customizable unit. This innovation from Sy-Klone International offers the highest quality of filtration and pressurization at the lowest costs. The cost-effective system extends the HVAC system maintenance intervals while dramatically extending filter life—which saves on filter and labor costs to the user. The powered precleaning technology allows cabs/enclosures to sustain positive pressurization, thus keeping particulate out.

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RadialSHIELD Odor+HEPA, Ammonia+HEPA, and Gas+HEPA* filters available separately.
*Odor+HEPA in standard length only. Gas+HEPA and Ammonia+HEPA in extended Length only.

RESPA-CF2 Features:

  • Unique ruggedized design
  • Flexible design to accommodate installation and application needs:
    • Brushed and brushless motors
    • Adjustable outlet and ejection port direction
    • Corrosion-resistant fan blade
    • Filtration option for any application
    • Radial seal design eliminates the possibility of seal leakage
    • Integrated pressure tap

How RESPA-CF2 Works: The Sy-Klone Effect

RESPA-CF2 Specifications


  • Horizontal, Vertical (Rain cap end up)

Precleaning Efficiency:

  • ≥90% @ 5 μm in normal operating range

Operating Parameters:

  • Ideal operation range: 0-130 CFM (0-3.68119 m/m)
  • Extended operation range: up to 250 CFM (7.07921 m/m)
  • Operation temperature: -40° C to +85° C (-104° to 185° F)
    continuous; +100° C (215° F) short exposure. 288W initial start-up, 144W constant


  • Glass-filled injection molded polypropylene exterior; metal fan blade; available 12V or 24V DC motor
    with sealed housing and sealed ball bearings (CF)


RESPA Installation Quick-Start Guide [PDF] How to plan your installation and overcome obstacles

Installation & Service Instructions for RESPA-CF2, CFX2, FFX2, PFX [PDF]

RESPA-CF2 Fresh Air Quality System Brochures

RESPA® CF2 Fresh Air Precleaner /
High-Efficiency Filter / Pressurizer

Letter-size 2-page Brochure

RESPA® CF2 Guide to Service Parts
Letter-size 1-page Brochure

ISO 23875 Global Cab Air Quality Standard
and RESPA Solutions

8-inch x 5.5-inch 2-sided postcard

Technical Support

RESPA Technical Support Page


John Deere 824K with RESPA-CF2 installed

Off Highway Equipment:
Agricultural, Mining, Construction, Waste/Recycling, Demolition, Aggregates, Forestry, Fire Fighting, Radioactive Cleanup, Military

Stationary Operator Platforms:
Portable Field Offices, Control Rooms, Stationary Equipment, Command Posts, Crusher Cabins, Clean Rooms, Crew Quarters

Power Generation and Distribution:  Ventilated Electric Boxes and Cabinets, Computer Server Cabinets, Cell Tower Control rooms, Dyno Rooms

Self-Cleaning Filter Housing in Action

Sy-Klone's amazing MERV 16 filter and filter housing are incorporated into the RESPA Fresh Air Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer. This Demo show the self cleaning filter and filter housing in action! The Dozer, running in a coal mine, went from 1.5 days of fresh air filter life on the cab to 1000 hours. Previously the cab would not hold pressure. With RESPA installed, it never loses pressurization between planned maintenance intervals. The high efficiency fresh air filter removes particulate at over 99% down to 0.3 microns and with the optional HEPA filter at 99.75% to 0.3 microns first pass.