RESPA-FFX2 Non-Powered Recirculation Filtration System

RESPA-FFX2 Non-Powered Recirculation Filtration System


Mounting Type:
Outlet Shape:
Outlet Diameter:
Inlet Location:
Filter Type:
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Product Description


The RESPA®-FFX2 is a high-efficiency recirculation filtration system, designed to complement our powered fresh air system, the RESPA-CF2.  Together, these two components create a highly effective Cab Air Quality System, which includes all controls specified by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) silica regulation. Additionally, the two components satisfy the Best Practice Recommendations of the International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE) for high-efficiency fresh and recirculated air filtration.

RESPA-FFX2 Benefits

  • Compact radial filter increases filter media by 10x over traditional panel filters.
  • Increased filter life.
  • Radial Seal Technology provides 100% seal integrity; no by-pass risk as is common with panel filters.
  • Filtration options to meet your needs for particulate and odor filtration.
    • MERV16: High efficiency filtration meets requirements of the NEW OSHA SILICA LAW which applies to all OSHA regulated industries.
    • HEPA: Super high efficiency filtration.
  • Low cost, versatile filter housing combines the need for high efficiency cab filtration and easy application.
  • Designed for in cab installations and through the wall installations which allow for filters to be serviced from outside of cab.
  • Can be installed in multiple unit configuration for higher volume airflows.

RESPA-FFX2 Specifications

Unique Configuration Choices
  • Mounting:
    • Integrated Base Mounting
    • Integrated Flange to plumb through wall
  • Outlet Shape:
    • Straight
    • 90-degree elbow
  • Outlet Diameter:
    • 3-inch (7.62 cm)
    • 4-inch (10.16 cm)
  • Inlet location:
    • Inlets on the same side as outlet
    • Inlet opposite outlet, in filter cap end


Installation & Service Instructions for RESPA-CF2, CFX2, FFX2, PFX [PDF]

Technical Support

RESPA® FFX2 Guide to Service Parts

Non-Powered High-Efficiency Filtration
Letter-size 1-page Brochure

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