Vortex MAX Powered Engine Precleaner

Vortex MAX Powered Engine Precleaner

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Product Description


Vortex® MAX is a patented engine precleaner that combines proven, powered technology with high-efficiency filtration, protecting engines from the harmful impact of dust and debris. The small footprint, high-airflow system (higher than single XLR Powered Precleaner) provides constant and sustained precleaned air downstream to the engine, improving machine performance, reducing costly downtime, and lowering total cost of ownership.

Engine Precleaner Sizing Calculator

Mounting hardware sold separately.

Part Number Description
VMAX0001 12-Volt Vortex MAX with Rain Cap
VMAX0002 24-Volt Vortex MAX with Rain Cap
VMAX0005 12-Volt Vortex MAX with Heavy-Debris Screen
VMAX0006 24-Volt Vortex MAX with Heavy-Debris Screen
EF800 Vortex MAX Replacement Filter

How it Works: The Sy-Klone Effect

The separation and ejection of debris, and high-efficiency filtering, all of which precleans air, is The Sy-Klone Effect.

  1. Dirty air enters the precleaner housing through the inlet end.
  2. The debris-laden air is directed into a rotation – a “Vortex” – pushing the debris to the outside walls through centrifugal force. The debris rotates towards the outlet end.
  3. Debris is ejected through the ejection port, and the fine dust that remains passes through Sy-Klone’s self-cleaning filter.
  4. After passing through the high-efficiency filter, clean air is passed downstream to the engine and engine air filter through the outlet end.

Benefits and Features

Maximize Clean Air Downstream to the Engine

  • Proprietary powered precleaning technology, combined with high-efficiency filtration

High-Airflow System

  • A single system provides protective power of clean air for a wide range of high-airflow machines

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership, Improve Productivity

  • Provide sustained, clean air flow regardless of the machine’s operating state, even in idle
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reduce dirty air downstream, which can abrade engine components and damage exhaust and aftertreatment systems
  • Extend life of primary engine filter and engine, meet maintenance intervals

Versatile Installation Options ​

  • Available in 12V and 24V configurations ​
  • Compact size and footprint with variable mounting configurations ​
  • Less expensive and easier installation as compared to multiple unit smaller airflow systems​

Vortex MAX Specifications

Operating Specifications

  • Optimal airflow range: 300-600 CFM (8.5-17 m3/min); contact support@sy-klone.com for higher airlfows
  • Operation temperature: -40 °F to +176 °F (-40 °C to +80 °C) continuous; +185 °F (+85 °C) short exposure
  • Mounting: Vertical or horizontal (Mounting plates available separately)
  • Filter change: Filter should be changed when the maximum level of restriction has been exceeded, not to exceed 1000 operating hours
  • Maintenance: No routine maintenance or cleaning of the precleaner is required
  • Not for use in explosion-prone environments. (Not NEMA Rated).

Product Specifications

  • Construction: Glass-filled injection molded polypropylene exterior, steel hardware, 12V and 24V DC motor with sealed housing and sealed ball bearings.
  • Mounting Orientation: Horizontal or vertical; mounting plates available separately.
    NOTE: When mounting vertically, it is recommended that rain cap end is up. If rain cap end is down, remove rain cap.
  • Product dimensions and weight: HxWxL; Weight
    • With rain cap: 13.3" x 14.3" x 24.1" (337 mm x 364 mm x 611 mm); 17 lbs. (7.7 Kg)
    • Without rain cap: 13.2" x 14.3" x 21.5" (336 mm x 364 mm x 546 mm); 15.5 lbs. (7.0 Kg)
    • With heavy-debris screen: 14.5" x 14.5" x 26.2" (368 mm x 369 mm x 665 mm); 21.8 lbs. (9.8 Kg)
  • Packaged dimensions and weight: HxWxL; Weight:
    • With rain cap: 14.5” x 15.5” x 25.75” (368 mm x 394 mm x 654 mm); 20 lbs. (9.07 kg)
    • With heavy-debris screen: 18" x 18" x 35.37" (457 mm x 457 mm x 898 mm); 27 lbs. (12.25 kg)

Power Specifications

Vortex Max(s) must be wired to power ON when machine is operating.
  • Power requirement: 10.5 amps constant at 12V; 8 amps constant at 24V
  • Voltage max/min:  +-10% from Nominal voltage (12 or 24 Volt)
  • Suggested fusing: 15A Blade Fuse @ 12 VDC; 10A Blade Fuse @ 24VDC
  • Electric motor rating: IP68 (Good water resistance, however, do not run underwater)
Part Number Adaptation and Service Parts
VMAX0701 Vortex MAX: Vertical Mounting Plate
VMAX0702 Vortex MAX: Horizontal Mounting Plate
VMAX0901 Vortex MAX: Rain Cap
VMAX0902 Vortex MAX: Motor Mount
VMAX0903 Vortex MAX: 24V Motor
VMAX0904 Vortex MAX: 12V Motor
VMAX0905 Vortex MAX: Clevis Pin Assembly
VMAX0906 Vortex MAX: Filter Housing Section
VMAX0907 Vortex MAX: Heavy Debris Screen
VMAX0908 Vortex MAX: Wiring Kit
EF800 Vortex MAX Replacement Filter