XLR Powered Precleaner for Engines with Rugged Compact Motor

XLR Powered Precleaner for Engines with Rugged Compact Motor


System Length:
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Product Description

Includes one unit with filter, 4-inch diameter outlet, brushed compact motor, and wiring with Deutsch connector. XLR Powered Precleaner Standard Length System provides consistent protection for your engine as precleaning efficiency is not dependent on engine or scavenge airflows. The XLR Powered Precleaner offers precleaning for the most extreme environments. 99% efficient on fine test dust. Zero Restriction up to 130 CFM. Each unit can handle up to 350 CFM, and much higher with multiple unit installations; contact Sy-Klone for details. Rugged compact motor is recommended for all installations except extreme cold (-40 °F to -4 °F; -40 °C to -20 °C), in which case brushless motor would be recommended. See Specificatons tab for more details.


  • Most effective “impossible dust environment” engine precleaner ever invented
  • Lowers cost per operating hour
  • Quickly recover cost of investment
  • Extends primary engine air filter life for an indefinite period of time
  • XLR prefilter changes do not expose engine to field service contamination
  • Improved oil samples (significantly lower contaminate levels)
  • Helps to preserve your engine, catalytic converter, and prevent related downtime costs

How it works:

  1. Debris-laden air enters the precleaner.
  2. The motor whips the air into a vortex with the debris riding along the outer walls.
  3. Debris is ejected from the precleaner.
  4. The clean air in the center of the system is then pushed through the filter with very low restriction.
  5. The filter and housing are self-cleaning as debris falls off the filter and is then ejected from the housing.


Air Flow Range: Covers engine air flows up to 350 CFM (9.91 m3/min) and much higher with multiple unit installations; contact Sy-Klone for assistance.
Mounting: The XLR can be mounted horizontally or vertically (with rain cap end up).
Optional Flange Mount (RIC0701) available.
Precleaner Maintenance:  Patented self-cleaning filter drops dirt continuously, which is then ejected from the filter housing.
Recommended Uses: Extreme environments including Agriculture, Waste, Mining, Construction and Forestry.
Elevation: Sea Level to 10,000 feet
Precleaning Efficiency: 99.99% Efficient on ISO Fine Test Dust
Operating Range: 0- 350 CFM (9.91 m3/min)
Operation temperature: -4 °F to +176 °F (-20 °C to +80 °C) continuous; +185 °F (+85 °C) short exposure.
For extreme low temperatures, brushless motor is recommended.
Construction: Glass-filled injection molded polypropylene exterior, steel hardware, 12V and 24V DC motor with sealed housing and sealed ball bearings 288W initial start-up, 144W constant.
Power Requirements: 12V Amperage:
  • Startup: 16 Amp
  • Running: 6.5 Amp
24V Amperage:
  • Startup: 8 Amp
  • Running: 3 Amp
Not for use in explosion-prone environments.

Real World Performance: XLR = eXtra Low Restriction!

XLR Powered Precleaner performs in impossible
environments like this cement factory!

Antwerp, Belgium

Wheel loader

Extremely dusty environment in a Portland cement factory

Indefinite engine filter life and an estimated $47,153 savings per year*

Before XLR installation:
Restriction light for engine filter came on after 4 hours of run time. The engine and 2 catalytic converters were dusted (had to be replaced) in the first 5000 hours of run time at a cost to the machine owner of $39,500.

Downtime cost for filter changes and lost production time is estimated to be $73,375 annually

After Dual XLR installation:
The prefilters were still operational after 260 hours of running in impossible dust conditions! Primary engine filter remained like new.

Annual calculated savings for the customer: $47,153 per year.

* Results may vary based on machine and environment.

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