Introducing the new generation of RadialSHIELD filters

Introducing the new generation of RadialSHIELD filters

When it comes to filtration, we obsess over the smallest things – like microscopic dust, nanoparticles, and other contaminants. The new generation of RadialSHIELD filters feature high-tech filtration media which arrests biological nanoparticles, including those the size of the COVID-19 virus, and other harmful contaminants frequently found on jobsites, such as diesel particulate matter (DPM) and respirable crystalline silica (RCS).

The new filters include the following design enhancements:

  • More robust construction
  • Greater filter efficiency
  • Improved seal design
  • Lower restriction
  • HEPA version able to arrest 99.95% of COVID-19 sized particles

Engine and Cab Air Quality Filter Options Available
The new filters can be used in our XLR Powered Precleaner® for engines and RESPA® cab air quality system which are first-fit on many OEM machines or can be readily retro-fitted on heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers, material handlers, haul trucks, or any machinery with an operator enclosure.

New Filter Design Improves Airflow, Durability, and Performance
The new filters feature a ground-breaking, lightweight, open screen matrix technology as well as cutting edge filter medias, seal capabilities, and materials. The structural and design advancements reduce restriction, decrease filter weight, ensure a reliable seal in extreme operating conditions, and improve durability against constant vibrations and unintended drops, and ultimately result in overall higher performance.

Not All Filters are Created Equally  
Filters are classified based upon their ability to efficiently remove certain sized particles from the air as they pass through the filter. The RadialSHIELD line of filters feature premium HEPA, MERV 16/F9, and Engine options.

The new HEPA (H13, ISO 35 H) filters are classified as 99.95% efficient at removing particles at 63 nanometers (nm) in size, as compared to traditional HEPA filters in the market that are classified based upon their efficiency at stopping particles at 300nm and larger. The ability to stop smaller particulates, combined with the increased performance capabilities, provides an extra layer of protection against ultrafine airborne contaminants.

In addition to the HEPA filter, new MERV 16/F9 and Engine filters are available that feature all the design benefits of the RadialSHIELD product line and are 95% efficient on 300nm particles. This quality and performance classification, with enhanced design benefits of the new filters, will upgrade engine and operator experience.

The new generation of RadialSHIELD HEPA and MERV 16 filters go on sale Q3 2020. Contact your Sy-Klone distributor for more information.