Recirculated Air Products

There are 3 simple steps to a complete Cab Air Quality System:
  1. FRESH AIR Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer
  2. High-Efficiency Recirculation Filtration
  3. Pressure Monitor

The Recirculation Component of a Cab Air Quality System
Options include powered and nonpowered systems:

  • NEW! RESPA Pure standalone in-cab HEPA filtration. Quieter and higher airflow than PFX, requires no airflow plumbing.
  • RESPA PFX standalone in-cab filtration with interchangeable filter options; requires no airflow plumbing.
  • RESPA-CFX2 installs outside cab, highest capacity filter, interchangeable filter options, airflow plumbing required.
  • RESPA-FFX2 non-powered filtration with interchangeable high-efficiency filter options; installs inside cab, through cab wall, or outside cab.

Read more about RESPA systems here.