Industrial Hygienist, Health & Safety

Industrial hygienists recognize that engineering, work practices, and administrative controls are the primary means of reducing employee exposure to occupational hazards. Exposure control methods minimize employee exposure by either reducing or removing the hazard at the source or isolating the worker from the hazards. Exposure controls include reducing employee exposure to toxic chemicals and protecting them from on-the-job hazards such as silica or asbestos.

Sy-Klone is Here to Help

Sy-Klone International is a proud member of the AIHA and has worked with industrial hygienists to help solve workplace hazards. We understand that work place hazards can lead to injuries, fines, absenteeism and litigation. Sy-Klone is here to help you minimize risk and increase safety while employees operate heavy equipment.

If you are an industrial hygienist, we invite you to learn more about our cab enclosure filtration line. The RESPA® Complete Air Quality System line of products helps to:

Let Sy-Klone International work with you to keep your site safe and in compliance for regulatory requirements.

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