Site Owner

Site owners may often find themselves in a dilemma trying to balance the cost of equipment maintenance, manage liability and regulatory demands, and obtain the most profitability out of their assets. Some site owners rely upon the contractors and their team to manage the day to day activity at a site, but research of highly successful projects has clearly demonstrated that early and active involvement of the owner has a major impact on the safety and quality performance of all contractors and employees on the job. When owners fail to provide direction and supervision, major problems can occur.

Sy-Klone is Here to Help

Sy-Klone understands that you have a lot of responsibilities.  We know you are looking for total operational cost reductions, increased corporate efficiency, and a high return on your investments.  We recognize that the cost of running an inefficient organization is high, so we are here to help.

Engine Solutions

Sy-Klone offers many solutions to keep your equipment and your operators working well.  Our engine precleaning and filtration options are used by the world's largest equipment manufacturers and are the first choice in improving engine filtration in some of the harshest environments in the world. Look at the Sy-Klone's Series 9000 and the XLR Powered Precleaner to quickly learn how you can save on engine and equipment maintenance costs and the reduction of equipment downtime.

Cab Enclosure Solutions

Sy-Klone also offers the most innovative solutions for cab enclosure filtration. Sy-Klone's patented Air Quality products are economical and cost effective at providing clean air to your HVAC system. We help you reduce operator exposure to harmful particulate, dramatically extend filter life, and lengthen the life of your HVAC system and cab electronics with our powerful and unique products. Sy-Klone's Cab Air Quality products have been proven in Mining, Waste, Forestry, and Agriculture, and are available as a first-fit option from many original equipment manufacturers.
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