About Sy-Klone International


Sy-Klone International, founded in 1986, is a manufacturing and technology company that creates industry-leading air filtration solutions that protect heavy equipment engines and operators, and address other specialty industrial and commercial applications.

Sy-Klone's customers range from heavy equipment manufacturers, to the U.S. government and international militaries, to distribution that supplies industries and end users of heavy equipment across the globe in the most intensive, debris-laden industries.

With over 100 patents and registered trademarks worldwide, Sy-Klone continues to innovate and evolve air filtration solutions to address complex customer needs through the power of clean air.

Sy-Klone's Mission: To become the global leader in advanced air filtration systems for engines and enclosures. Sy-Klone's Vision: To be the trusted provider of innovative, clean air solutions for the people, machines, and industries that drive the global economy. Sy-Klone Values: high performance; innovation and growth; the whole person; transparency and trust; collaboration.

Sy-Klone Executive Leadership

Amy Rice, Chief Executive Officer
Mary Ann Barrington, Director, Finance and Accounting
Austin Browne, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
James Moredock, Founder and Board Chair, Intellectual Property and Patentable Innovations
Jeff Moredock, Executive Vice President, Regulations and Standards
Adam Smith, Vice President, Operations, Technology and Administration

Sy-Klone Air Quality and Filtration Solutions Featured in the Press

Sy-Klone air filtration products are frequently featured in publications as part of industry best practices. Sy-Klone leadership and global partners are sought after as air quality experts for interviews, association participation, and international standard development.

Read more about Sy-Klone's cab air quality, engine precleaners, and industrial filtration products in our PRESS section.

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Sy-Klone International is a fast-paced, innovative industrial air quality and filtration company, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Working with major OEMs in the heavy equipment space and aftermarket distribution partners across six continents, the advanced air filtration products developed by our team are protecting machine operators and machinery around the globe. Interested in joining the Sy-Klone International team?

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