Waste, Landfill, Transfer Stations & Recycling

Sy-Klone International has been working with the waste industry for over 30 years. Our numerous case studies in landfills have proven time and again that we make products for real world performance. Harsh environments and unpredictable debris can wreak havoc on your filtration system.

Our engine filtration systems offer the highest-rated filtration available. For manageable debris, the Series 9000® Air Precleaners have set the standard for non-powered engine air precleaning. If you need something stronger, Sy-Klone's XLR Powered Precleaner® offers unbeatable filtration for high debris environments.

Keeping your operator safe and comfortable in unforgiving environments is just as important. Incorporating Sy-Klone's RESPA® products into the cab HVAC system gives the highest levels of air quality, HVAC service life and unparalleled operator satisfaction. Learn how Sy-Klone products are the Waste and Landfill industries' first choice.

Challenges of equipment in waste, landfill, transfer stations & recycling environments:

  • Short filter life
  • Mixed debris in the engine and air intake
  • Oil contamination
  • Increased maintenance cycles
  • Loss of cabin pressurization

Challenges of equipment owners/operators in waste, landfill, transfer stations & recycling environments:

  • Exposure to dust and debris
  • Poor cab pressurization
  • Contaminated respirable air within the cab
  • Exposure to hazardous material

Sy-Klone offers two types of products to minimize downtime for both the equipment and the worker. For maintaining engine performance, check out the Series 9000® and the XLR Powered Precleaner®. For cab filtration and pressurization, check out the RESPA®-CF2 and the RESPA®-FFX2.
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